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WebTouch any website on a touchscreen in a public space

WebTouch is the new digital display system that enables any website to operate on large touchscreens in public spaces. People can access websites are home, at work, at school and now in public spaces!

WebTouch in operation for Toursim New Zealand

Consider the benefits of having your website on a public touchscreen display.
• Tradeshows
• Reception areas
• Corporate training and seminar rooms
• Product launches
• Information centres
• Hospitals
• Airports
• Concert venues
• Sports Stadiums
• Retail stores

Compared to using a laptop at a trade show, WebTouch is much more user friendly. No need to worry about getting into visitors personel space, with WebTouch on a 40" display, there is plenty of room.

WebTouch in operation for Tourism NZ

Developed by The Complete Package, WebTouch can bring your website to life, allowing all content to be accessed on large touchscreens and touch windows, with no keyboard or mouse required.

Until now, if a website was available on a public touchscreen, content access was not able to be totally controlled.

With WebTouch, there is minimal risk of someone browsing for and viewing inappropriate content.

WebTouch virtual keyboard

• All browser controls, including menus and buttons, are not available to the user
• The site where the user can browse is strictly limited
• There is always a home button
• There’s no need for a physical keyboard or mouse
• A virtual keyboard is available
• A separate ’above the line’ zone is provided for control buttons, company logo etc which remain on screen
• A separate ‘screen bottom’ zone, including buttons for scrolling page down, page up can be supplied
• All website content can be viewed, including videos and Flash animation.
• WebTouch is supplied by TCP on a small web box appliance that attaches to the rear of the touch system.

Note that any large 40" or more WebTouch system can also operate as a TV and play videos or other TV content. With one simple button, you can switch from browser to TV mode.


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