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TouchTerminal Touchscreen Kiosk, Touch Window, Content Managment System


Content can include Flash, video and database files, in fact anything that goes on a web page

TouchTerminal is a new content management system for interactive touchscreens and touch windows. Developed by The Complete Package Ltd for Microsoft Windows systems, TouchTerminal allows easy access to update full screen content via a web-based interface.

TouchTerminal in action

But no scrollers borders or title bars, just your content on screen. Includes ability for users to set time out time go revert to main menu or attract loop.

Making interactive content for touch displays is now easy with a simple user interface. Previously, content on touchscreen and touch windows in public places was updated by programmers using complex applications.

Perfect for touch applications operating from a database, TouchTerminal is an ideal solution for museums, retail stores, tourist sites hospitals, in fact any location where up-to-date information is gathered by the public on touchscreen or touch window applications.

TouchTerminal works with the leading web content management system, Joomla. Web site content can now be re-formatted for touch application and used in self-service kiosks and on touch windows. TouchTerminal offers features such as measurement of screen touches, shopping cart and e-commerce, plus the ability for users to enter data. For example, TouchTerminal allows for adding someone to a database following an enquiry via a shop window virtual keyboard.

TouchTerminal is easily integrated with Adobe Flash, so impressive, full-screen, TV commercial-like visual effects can be included in any TouchTerminal managed program. Great for attract loop (screensaver) content. Other web functionality such as Google Maps can be built in.
Touch Terminal operates best with Windows XP Pro or Windows 7. It works with the new multi-touch and gestures technology found in Windows 7. At present TouchTerminal is only supplied when it is installed on your hardware by TCP.


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