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Digital Signage Systems Product Range


We supply a range PC systems to business clients. They include Win PC and All-in-one touchscreen PC. We only supply tiny PC's for digital and interactive media use. In the digital media field, not many PC's are similar, they all need specific requirements for graphics output, processor, MPEG decoder, etc. Often enclosure size is a big issue especially if you want to mount the PC with a high resolution large LCD display on a wall.

For digital signage and networked touchscreen systems, we sometimes need to supply server and player PC’s.

HP is our preferred brand of slim line PC. Check out the slim line and small form factor models/ See info on the Ingram Micro website here. We supply at a cost less than the recommended retail.


We have an extensive range of industrial tiny PC and embedded systems from IEI in Taiwan. Many are solid state with no moving parts. Ideal for 24/7 use with digital signage apps. See them on the IEI site here and ask us for a price.

Large NEC and Samsung LCD displays can come with built in tiny PC's.

We have a large choice of products in our all-in-one touchscreen PC range. See more here.


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