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Solar Eco-Post and Solar Sign

4 button Solar Eco-Post- Rear View

Standard Eco-Post

The Solar Eco-Post has a modular peaked roof with solar panels that can be positioned to capture both morning and afternoon sunlight for all day charging. A heavy gauge aluminum body, an integrated outdoor rated speaker, a symmetrical and modular solar roof, and a flexible stainless steel face plate ensures maintenance free operation in varied climates or environments.

Solar Eco-Post can be supplied with 2, 4, 6 or 8 buttons. It comes in green but custom colours can be supplied. You can supply your own wooden post instead of ordering a metal one from Tour-mate.

Remote Solar Array Eco-Post

Using a different cap that lacks solar panels, the Remote Solar Panel Eco-Post includes a separate solar array attached to either a 15 foot or 50 foot cable that allows for usage of the Eco-Post in areas with minimal sunlight. By mounting the array in a location nearby that receives adequate sunlight this version of the Eco-Post can be placed in areas such as dense forest, caves, and gazebos.

See a video on Solar Eco-Post from Tour-mate here

Solar Sign Kit

Solar Sign Kit

Add audio to conventional outdoors signs

The Solar Sign Kit is a solar powered eco-friendly interpretive kit that can be incorporated into existing outdoor interpretive/wayfinding signage instantly turning static signage into dynamic, and accessible interactive panels.

The Solar Sign Kit includes an audio module with an outdoor rated speaker, four message buttons, and a solar panel array which powers the audio messages. The internal hardware uses MP3 audio files on a SD card for the four messages. Audio files follow a simple naming convention, and can easily be replaced by staff using a SD card reader.

To convert any existing sign into a ‘talking sign’, Tour-Mate provides a step by step Sign Integration Guide for easy installation by onsite staff. The sign kit includes a solar panel array with either a 15 ft or 50 ft cable, providing attractions with the flexibility to mount solar panels remotely.

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Solar Sign Kit is ideal for wayside signs in uncontrolled environments. An optional AC version of the sign kit is also available for indoor installations.


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