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Content Creation corporate video production

We produce corporate videos for very competitive prices using the latest digital gear. We take your communication problem and turn it into a dynamic script using top writers in Auckland. We then shoot and edit the production in a way that is suited to your corporate image. We can include still shots and create animation to bring your production alive. We produce 2D and 3D animation for use in corporate videos and other programmes.

We have had many years experience in motion picture production and corporate video. We are finding more clients wanting to take advantage of the new technologies like DVD and Video CD, to have full screen full motion video in presentation and training programmes. The fact is world-wide, more people get more information every day from television and video than any other source.

TVNZ VCD ExampleWe produced the first Video CD programme made in New Zealand using MPEG1 video.

Streaming Video
We offer very high quality low cost MPEG encoding and production services. If you need video to be set up to operate from a streaming server, over a a local network or the Internet, let us set it up for you.

Flash MX 2004 Video
The new Flash MX video format is ideal for corporate communications and use on a local network and kiosks in museums etc. For interactive programmes where Director and MPEG is not suitable, Flash MX video may be the way to go. We will digitise and set up your Flash MX Video for you.

For samples of our work have a look at our Portfolio pages.

For other services such as encoding and streaming video, please contact us.

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