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We are a digital media product and services company and our focus is on digital media in public spaces. Two major areas for our services are content for digital signage and self-service/interactive technology with touchscreens. Our services include concept, design, production and installation of digital media.

Kelly Tarlton's Two Rays touch exhibit, Designed supplied and installed TCP

Content creation for communication with digital media is the core of our business. We have many years experience in producing digital media for effective story telling and communication.

Content Creation

Our main service is digital media content creation. We have been producing interactive multimedia content for over 14 years and have experience in all facets of programme development. Our services include script writing, interface design, graphic design, animation and programing.

Areas of experience are:


Our consulting services are designed to offer creative digital media communication solutions and save you money on your multimedia projects by going about them in a planned, controlled manner.

Multi-touch & Gestures

We are now designing content for the new multi-touch touchscreens and touch windows, produced in Flash. Multi-touch and gesture technology allows a whole new way to get information, to play games, to view museum exhibits and to shop! A good way to see multi-touch features is to try them out on an Apple iphone. For a large screen example video see Jeff Han’s presentation

Windows 7 supports multi-touch and is due to be released in 2009. For a video of what is possible see Windows 7 multi touch You Tube

Digital Signage

We supply complete end-to-end digital signage services including system design, hardware, network & IP technology, content creation, installation, training and service. We combine the best of television (TV) and Internet technologies to deliver low cost communication systems.


Museum and Tourist Site Exhibits

We have several products and services suitable for museums, aquariums and tourist sites. We offer interpretative services to museums to tell stories in modern ways, with linear, interactive and reactive media. Our experienced team can take your basic resources and turn them into dynamic attention catching exhibits. We do it all, from scripting and creating the narrative to installation of hardware.


Project Management

We have had over twelve years experience with project management for variety of digital and interactive media projects. Project management in these areas is a complex business and we offer assistance.

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