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Grab Visitors Attention

Industry trade shows are like showbiz. To get peoples attention you have to entertain them. Grab hold of the visitors attention as they pass by your stand - you only have about 2 seconds. If you have a high quality video with great audio running on your stand, chances are much better you will get their attention and get them into your stand. Then you try to entertain them long enough to get your message across Have the video running on great screens, both small flat panel displays and large wide-screens. Make it broadcast quality so it can look really great.

Grab attention at a tradeshowBuild in Some Hardware Control

Consider automatic controls to lower light levels as the video starts or reaches certain milestones. Consider having a proximity detector that instantly starts a video when someone passes close by. The voice over can say, "Excuse me, got a minute?" And it is amazing how many people will stop and view the show.

High Quality Content and Make It Interactive

For video content, consider displaying 3D highlights of products or explanations of services, TV commercials and product information. Ensure you have great music and a professional voice over. Better still, make the display interactive so the visitor can choose what information he wants to see instantly! Give the visitor control with a touchscreen or touchpad. We are now talking about what we call Point of Information Kiosks. Touch screens kiosks often have an attract loop, a sequence of video and audio that plays repeatedly for about one minute or so and then sits on a still frame with a graphic that says, "Touch the screen to start". This then activates a menu screen.

Advantages for Point of Information Kiosks at Tradeshows

  • Visitors can be entertained while waiting for sales staff
  • Sales staff can use kiosk to show customers purchase opportunities
  • Kiosks tells consumers your story the way you want it.
  • Personal bias from sales staff can not effect your sales messages
  • Kiosks provides an innovative image for your company
  • An entire product range can be shown in a kiosk occupying just a couple of square metres
  • A new dimension to supplying information.
  • More sights and sounds. More involvement.
  • A 'confidential' information system.
  • People will ask a machine sensitive questions they may feel shy about with another person
  • Customers can experiment with different accessories, colour schemes and sizes
  • Speeds up new product introductions when visitors can go direct to the information they want.

However, the simple truth is that kiosks are often only used when tradeshow visitors see a clear and unequivocal reason to use them. Usually it's because it saves them time or reduces frustration to get information.

Follow-up With Give Away Digital Media

Then give away a CD-ROM or Shaped CD with details of your products or services for visitors take away. Include highlights of your video sequences for the visitor to take back to show colleagues. Of course there are links to your website. Compared to the price of high quality glossy brochures, CD production is very attractive. And give the users a reason to use the CD, like a prize draw based on a simple quiz about your product. And get users to database themselves for further offers and information from you.

We Can Help

Now you know you want to have the advantages of high quality didgital media for your tradeshow stand, please contact The Complete Package. We can design a tradeshow display for you with a high quality video or a digital media presentation. We develop reliable software and design good looking kiosk cabinets. For hardware requirements see our Products page for more details on PC video servers, Pro DVD players and other kiosk hardware. See PowerPac Digital for a digital sign content management system.


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