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We also design supply and install hospitality TV systems. We set up hotel TV systems from small premises to large hotels.
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in-house tv

We design and supply in-house TV systems. In-house TV system are used for communication with customers, visitors and employees. Nowadays any corporate or government organisation can have their own TV system and we can operate it all over private networks and The Internet

What does In-house TV Offer?

A new way of communicating at your place. The PowerPac Digital In-house TV system can be as simple as electronic signage through to a fully programmable TV channel. A programme can consist of still graphics, text, scrolling banners, video-clips, animation and slides. It may include a soundtrack and will play on any type of TV or projection hardware. We supply music video TV systems with your own commercials, PowerPac MV. In-house TV systems for the hospitality industry is an area we have some experience in.

Atrium LoungeIrresistible to the Eye

By nature our eyes are drawn to a moving montage making them a feast for our eyes. In a competitive marketplace, In-house TV is a dynamic and refreshing way to welcome customers.

Inform Your Customers

TV is the medium people get most of their information from every day. The PowerPac In-house TV system is an ideal sales tool to inform customers about products and services. Inform better and sell more.

Entertain Your Customers

Quality sounds and images ensure you can grab your customers attention. A visit to your premises will be much more pleasant when relevant information, a commercial, a music video or a special offer is shown.


It is easy to have scrolling information and entertainment on screen at the same time. A number of advertising messages can be displayed simultaneously. The ability to have running banners, slide and video content, all on screen and all at the same time, maximises your screen real estate.

Many Applications

  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Shops
  • Shopping Centres
  • Showrooms
  • Travel Agents
  • Tourist Sites

Immediate Information Delivery

Content including advertising can be added, altered and subtracted with ease, making the PowerPac In-house TV package a versatile communication system. Multimedia changes can be made on site or delivered online from a remote location. Immediate information delivery ensures your message is up to date.

Cost Advantages

Time and money is saved with In-house TV reducing print costs. Employing this sophisticated system is more likely to engage interest from your customer, therefore increasing sales.

PowerPac Digital our In-house TV system is an advanced, versatile and simple to implement system. Totally managed content, delivered locally or remotely from a central management site.

Visual Delivery Systems

  • LCD
    Compact and ultra-thin, optional video, optional audio, LCD displays provide maximum flexibility for locating your marketing messages within your environment. Simply positioned on a shelf or built into a new display area LCD is effective and easily positioned.
  • Plasma
    Amaze your clients with plasma displays from 32" to 61". Packages we create can be operated as a single unit or networked as multiple systems across multiple sites all over the country. Multi site packages are controlled and managed from a single central management site, minimising the cost of running the system.
  • Projection
    The Complete Package projection systems create marketing displays as large as you like. Create an impact that is visible from a long distance. Wide screen effects can create an extra impression
  • LED Displays
    LED signs really attract attention due to their brightness and/or scrolling text. And we can schedule them from your PC to run content at times when you want it.
  • Touchscreen Kiosks
    Interactive information centres are available that really put the power in the hands of your visitors to get the information they want. Custom designed Kiosks provide a unique information solution powered by The Complete Package.
  • Private TV Channels
    See below

PPD diagram

PowerPac In-house TV Services

We design, supply and install in-house TV systems. This may include headends, modulators, amplifiers, cabling and displays. We produce content for your TV system including digitising of AV to PC formats.

With your own in-house TV system, you can have as many channels as you like. They can deliver broadcast quality programmes. They play programmes from Pro-DVD and PC video servers.

Your Commercial Messages/Graphics over Broadcast Channels

If you would like to have scrolling graphics with your own commercials keyed beside or below broadcast TV programmes, let us help.


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