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We design and supply in-house TV systems to be uesed for communication with customers, visitors and employees.
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We design supply and install hospitality TV systems. We set up hotel TV systems from small premises to large hotels.

The most common hotel system is a MATV (Master Antenna TV) system, where the hotel is wired and programmes are sent to each room from a central head end. The system runs as many channels as you like including movies operating from VHS, DVD or PC where you have right to do so.

AscottWe supply design systems and supply equipment such as modsulators for new channels, mast head amplifiers, secondary amplifiers and splitters. We wire premises with suitable cable to each room and connect to the TV set or set top box where needed.

We supply the Philips Commercial TV designed especially for the hospitality industry. Features include:

  • Clone programming capability via remote, which means set up in each room can be done in a few seconds.
  • Programmable Hotel Lock Mode. The festure locks all picture/sound/volume presets, tund for secure operation.
  • Programmable channel blanking - provides a means to force the picture to be blanked without affecting the audio- perfect for audio only transmission.

We also produce Guest Services channel programmes to inform guests and sell more services like food and beverage.

For other services such as encoding and streaming video, please contact us.


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