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Give your visitors information in a dynamic manner! People are attacted to "eye candy" on digital displays, it is easy to get their attention. Leave behind print based public information, it is so 1990's!

Digital signage is a network of digital electronic displays including TV, LCD, plasma and projection systems. They are centrally managed and create your own private TV network, sometimes called in-house TV, in-store advertising and narrowcasting. Displays are able to play text, graphics, animation, video and broadcast TV.

Digital signage can be used for branding and/or merchandising messages. Your messages can be fullscreen, part of the screen or scrolling text on the bottom of the screen.

Messages are delivered in a high quality at a time and place where they will be needed. The core benefit is that the message is noted and the viewer acts on it. Other Benefits

  • Reduces messaging cost
  • Improves the shopping or waiting experience
  • Enables both branding and merchandising message display
  • Allows the product manager and agencies to better target messages to audiences

Digital signage has been described as the next “Killer App” a technology that finds its place in usage quickly and broadly, because of its value in terms of cost savings and profit making ability.

See information on our digital signage services, our hotel signage systems and digital signage systems for public places

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