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digital signage hotel signage system

Hotel information in your lobby on a large plasma screen or LED display

Could you have ever imagined that the traditional blackboard system for a hotel guest and visitor information could be presented on a vertically mounted plasma TV screen or large LED? Well, now you can. We can supply the hardware and a system to operate it, PowerPac Digital. Schedule your message for any time of the day.

Hotel signage networks can be made up of projected images, plasma displays, LCD displays and LED displays. Consider 2 line LED displays for door cards for meeting rooms.

The Complete Package can supply your hotel with our PowerPac Digital system, complete with crystal-clear plasma monitor.



  • More contemporary and professional than blackboards
  • More attention-getting for guests and visitors
  • Fewer guest and visitor inquiries to staff
  • Easy to operate with PowerPac Digital 2.1 program
  • Ability to include customers logo beside their name
  • Can play other promotional slide shows or video programmes as required

PowerPac Digital Hospitality offer for a limited time is:

  • 42" Hyundai Plasma display with wall mount
  • PowerPac Digital 2.1 content management& server system for one display
  • PC with Win XP Pro & video card
  • All Installation
  • Design template for screen layouts
  • Staff training to sequence, schedule and display content
  • Portrait or landscape set up

All for for just $8,850.00 + GST. Conditions apply.

Contact us now for more information - we've had experience in designing and supplying guest information systems and content for several years.


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