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The Video Chameleon Interactive Video Player

Video Chameleon BoxA breakthrough in digital video technology! From Digit Professional in Holland is a new type of interactive video player, one that works on Compact Flash cards for data storage, and has no moving parts. The Chameleon plays MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 video. The length of the video played depends on the size of the Compact Flash card and with a 1 GB card, a movie can be stored at MPEG1 quality.

The Video Chameleon is intended for commercial applications. POP, training, trade shows and information kiosks are just a few of the many possible uses for the player. It can be integrated within the housing of a LCD or CRT television, or can be housed separately. The MPEG content can be updated by changing of the Compact Flash or Microdrive, or can be updated by Ethernet.


  • No Moving Parts, Extremely Reliable
  • DVD (MPEG 2) or Video CD (MPEG 1) Quality Video
  • Composite or S-Video Output
  • Stereo Audio Output
  • Serial (RS232) and Ethernet Communication Port
  • Interacts with Touchscreens, Switches, Sensors and More
  • Compact Size and Low Power Consumption

The future of digital video is storage on solid state devices like Compact Flash cards. Nowadays, even 1GB cards are very low prices compared to a couple of years ago. They offer high speed instant access to video. Panasonic announced that they would be releasing a DVCPRO25 type camera to be operated on Compact Flash by means of four 1GB cards in a PCMCIA package. This will enable 18 minutes of broadcast type video to be recorded.

Chameleon LogoThe Video Chameleon requires it's own authoring system for programme production and this can be supplied by The Complete Package or we can author your Video Chameleon or Osprey Video programme for you. You can update your Chameleon programmes with a built in content management system over TCP/IP networks or simply upload new files to the compact flash card.

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