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Other touchscreens include:


http://www.jvln.com.au/prod_jposLCD.htmlThe JPOS 8.4, 10.4", 12.4" range of 'Point of Purchase' LCD's from Javelin. The perfect solution for displaying full-motion video for in-store marketing, the jPOS LCD customer displays offer a range of sizes and configurations to address most applications. With optional Elo touchscreens for all models, the Javelin LCD customer display can also be used as a unique, interactive customer interface for direct marketing, loyalty and payment purposes.


Puritron TM-2000 12.1" LCD with ELO Touch
Puritron TM-2000 15.1" LCD with ELO Touch
Puritron TM-2000 17.1" LCD with ELO Touch

Puritron TM-2000 Card Reader Track 1 & 2
This is one of the largest selling, low priced touch-screens in New Zealand.

Stealth Touch All-In-OnePioneer

PioneerPOS 12.1" LCD TFT, ELO Resistive Touch

PioneerPOS 15" TOM-XV Series

The Pioneer display comes as an attractive looking touchscreen ready for bench or wall mounting. Other versions come as an "All In One" touchscreen and PC. There are a huge range of options.


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