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NextWindow 2101
NextWindow 2101

NextWindow Touch Screens provide a unique Touch Screen solution - not only is the LCD display touch enabled, but it can includean off-screen touchable area, called a Panel. This off-screen area, or Panel, enables the user to utilize key icons, navigation keys, crossselling buttons, and short-cuts to content, around the LCD display and make these available to the customer at all times.

The 2101 is a low profile touch frame (9 mm plus glass) that fits beneath the bezel of a manufacturer's LCD or plasma display from 30" to 46".

The 2101 provides a fully integrated solution with all the benefits of NextWindow's optical touch technology:

  • Clear glass for maximum image clarity.
  • Accurate touch sensitivity.
  • Light touch—no pressure required.
  • Any touch method can be used—finger, gloved hand or pointer
  • Once-only, four-point calibration. No drift
  • HID compliant plug-and-play USB connection.
  • Landscape or portrait orientation.



Standard LCD Flat Panel Displays

These are integrated into the units, and also become Touch Screens. The LCD's slim dimensions means NextWindow Touch Screens can be easily integrated into a number of business solutions e.g. Kiosks, Shop Windows, Display Cabinets, the list is endless!

Simple LCD Integration

The LCD attaches to a Computer through a standard VGA cable. The Touch Screen is connected via a Serial Cable to the Computer. Simple!

NextWindow Touch Screen Longer Life

Next Window TouchscreenThe NextWindow Touch Screen is a component based system and has a replaceable Backlight Assembly. This means that the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is not dependent on the life of the Backlight Assembly. For example, this is different to LCDs, where replacing the Backlight Assembly may be cost prohibitive, and the life of the unit may then be based on the life of the Backlight Assembly. Slim Dimensions and Sophisticated Design!

Next Window also make custom sized touchscreens and produced two very large units for Kelly Tarlton's Antartica Encounter and Underwater World.

Next Window touch frames were custom designed and built to go over the top of backlit images of stingrays. By touching part of the ray, a video presentation plays in one of the Sharp LCD screens positioned above.


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