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2242L 22-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitor

The Complete Package has been in the touchscreen business for many years.

We’ve seen the basic touch technology of fifteen years ago evolve into today’s amazing, intuitive multi-touch and gestures systems, and we’ve gained considerable knowledge and experience along the way. We’ve created digital touch displays for industy, universities, museums, tourist sites, trade shows and events. We’ve installed displays indoors and outdoors, even in sunlight. We’ve supplied displays from 10” up to 52” and touch walls up to 200” (diagonal). So, if you want the best, get in touch!

With a touchscreen or multi-touch monitor, you can just touch your display for a more natural way to get information. More direct than using a mouse, easier and quicker. Touchscreens are exploding in use and are becoming a standard way of getting information from a PC. Due to ease of use, public spaces are seeing a huge growth in touch-enabled systems.

Our touchscreens are for use in museums, tourist and cultural sites, galleries, factories, retail stores, data centres, universities and academic institutions. We supply touchscreens for advertising, transport applications, industrial and military use.

Our main range of touchscreen displays is from 15" to 42". We supply from 10.4" to 60" direct from our suppliers. Touchscreen frames and touch foil can be custom-made to any size. We can "touch enable" any surface an acrylic panel can be fitted over, especially useful for museums and trade shows.

Types of Touchscreen's Supplied

A major brand we supply is EloTouch, the world's largest manufacturer of touchscreen's. The two main types of touchscreens from Elo are Accutouch and Intellitouch. Accutouch is 5 wire resistive and IntelliTouch is a surface wave technology with a clear sheet of 2.5 mm glass over the display.

Other Elo products include SecureTouch and ThruTouch technologies. They come in desktop, panel mount and rear mount fittings.

NextWindow 2700 Touch panel

A New Zealand producer NextWindow is the designer of a touch frame system. Their dual touch panels can be fitted to a wide range of LCD displays between 26" to 60". We supply NEC, Sharp and Sony commercial LCD with NextWindow touch panels. The NW touch panel is very easy to fit and assembled in minutes.

NextWindow touchscreens also provide a unique touchscreen solution - not only is the LCD display touch enabled, but there’s an off-screen touchable area, called a Panel. This off-screen area, or Panel, enables the user to utilise key icons, navigation keys, cross selling buttons, and short-cuts to content around the LCD display and make these available to the customer at all times.

HP Touchsmart
HP Touchsmart all-in-one touchscreen PC

All-in-One Touchscreen PC

We offer a large range of All-in-One touchscreen PC's, 10" to 60" from several suppliers. They are competively priced compared to a stand alone touchscreen plus a PC. The HP Touchsmart comes in 19" and 23" models at very low prices. Large LCD displays from NEC which can have NextWindow touch overlays, have space for on-board tiny PC.

Touch Windows

Visual Planet through glass touch window foil enables interactive digital media to be seen 24 hours a day, anywhere, in any light conditions. Can be operated frm a rear prjection system or a LCD inside the window.

Touch-Glass systems from Spain also allow any window to be touch enabled.

Multi-touch Gestures

The latest new ‘thing’ in touch is multi-touch gestures. Since the launch of the iPod Touch and iPhone, there has been huge interest in using multi-touch gestures as a way to get infornation. Now we can assist. We supply several products that support multi-touch for use in public spaces. People just love the ability to stretch and pinch images and use other gestures on large public multitouch displays.

We supply dual and multi-touch and gestures hardware from 3M, EloTouch, HP, Next Window, iQrite and Visual Planet. See NextWindow multi-touch information here. Multi-touch is supported by Windows 7.

Contact us now for your touchscreen requirements.


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