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We supply a wide range of AV/IT system solutions for business uses such as trade shows, kiosks, retail & museum displays,digital signage and in-house TV. We are not a reseller of low cost PC systems, rather we offer specialised systems for particular new media applications.

In the convergence of AV with IT systems we offer a range of options. We have great solutions for running low cost in-house TV systems from a PC. We sell powerful but low cost PC systems that are ideal for delivering digital signage or other presentation programmes for use at trade shows and in retail displays.

Our system products include:

  • Video server PC's running on Windows or Linux delivering broadcast quality video.
  • PC's equipped with Windows and PowerPoint for in-house TV systems.
  • Tiny case PC's that take little room in tight situations.
  • The Wincomm Plasma Engine box, a unique product for the best quality in-house TV or digital signage video on a plasma display.
  • Specialised AV and interactive systems like the video chameleon and the Philips Pro DVD player.

We supply tiny PC systems, ideal for situations where you want to operate a touchscreen yet do not want to go to the expense of including a kiosk enclosure, such as for a tradeshow. In this case we supply mounts for the touchscreen to attach to a wall or bench and the tiny PC can be situated underneath, taking up very little room.

Our PC systems operate with Windows or Linux.

Our StealthTouch All In One touchscreen PC is pictured on a wall. StealthTouchThis unit is ideal to have in a business reception for visitors to see your web site or promo video.

Another All in One unit is our low cost Tui, custom made system

We supply PC systems to run operate in-house TV channels plus headends and channel modulators.

For serving streaming video we offer several solutions including customised PC's. We offer DVD quality streaming MPEG-2 video from a PC hard drive. Streaming video is used over the Internet or Intranets for entertainment, sales and marketing and training applications.

Nowadays we can deliver many hours of VHS or broadcast quality video from a device with-out a hard drive, such as the Video Chameleon.

Video Chameleon

This interactive media system with no moving parts works on Flash memory. 64MB of flash enables around 7min of MPEG 1 video or 2 min of MPEG 2 video. The player outputs NTSC or PAL video, stereo audio, and is designed to work with CRT, TFT LCD or plasma screens. It can be programmed to control Elo touchscreens. Ideal for museums or locations where you want years of trouble free video operation.

The Osprey video system is a Video Chameleon device fitted to flat panel LCD displays, 6.8", 15" and 18". An "All in One" system, solid state with no moving parts. It comes in an interactive (ATM type buttons or touchscreen) version and a non-interactive version that simply loops video over.

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