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Sharp Touchscreen Displays

Leading technology

We supply several large Sharp commercial panels with touchscreens integrated. The touch technology can be Sharp's infrared touch technology or the Next Window Optical Touch overlays on some models

70" PN-L702B, & 60" PN-L602B  Touchscreen LCD Monitors

Sharp 70" LCD Touch Display
The new 70" and 60" touch displays from Sharp are exceptional. With these displays you can use as interactive whiteboards. Draw on images and diagrams with the Sharp Pen Software using the touch pen or a finger. Screen images can be enlarged or rotated, and handwritten notations such as text and drawings can be selected and moved around. What’s more, everything on the screen can be saved or exported for printout, making it easy to keep accurate records of brainstorming.

The PN-L702B/L602B’s integration of a high-quality LCD panel and a highly sensitive touchscreen makes for easy communication. For heightened touchscreen responsiveness and stress-free onscreen writing, the PN-L702B/L602B employs Sharp’s proprietary infrared detection system featuring multiple infrared sensors that locate the position of the user’s finger or the touch pen with impressive speed and accuracy. The PN-L702B/L602B also supports dual-touch function, which lets the user scroll a page with two fingers and enlarge then shrink an image by simply spreading two fingers apart and then bringing them together.

View A0 plans on the 70" model, use stretch and pinch gestures to zoom in and out with the dual touch capability. Make a massive increase in productivity in the design and construction industry by taking advantage of these hi tech innovations.

Sharp 32" LCD Touch Display

PN-T322B 32" Touchscreen LCD Monitor

Stylishly Thin, Engagingly Interactive — Sharp’s Touch-Screen LCD Monitor

Sharp’s integration of a streamlined 32-inch-class LCD monitor and a highly sensitive touch-screen has given rise to the PN-T322B—an easy-to-use interactive digital signage solution that pleases the eye and engages the customer. Sharp’s proprietary infrared detection system heightens the PN-T322B’s touch-screen responsiveness via multiple infrared sensors that locate the position of a user’s finger with impressive speed and accuracy. For greater interactive function, the PN-T322B supports dual touch-screen applications

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