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3M Touch and multi-touch displays

A leader for many years with the Microtouch technology

Multi-finger touch‚ ultra-fast response time‚ palm rejection‚ and sleek flat front surface (FFS) capability make 3M™ Projected Capacitive Technology (3M PCT) a leading high-performance multi-touch solution for immersive multi-finger user interfaces and multi-user‚ collaborative applications.

3M touch 22


Projected Capacitive Technology is fast becoming the standard for multi-touch interactivity and used by most popular interactive mobile and tablet devices. 3M Projected Capacitive Technology has been specifically developed to provide high performance multi-touch interactivity for display sizes currently ranging from 15 to 32 inches.

3M offers multi-touch displays from 18" to 32".

3M™ Multi-Touch Display C2254PW

The 22-inch 3M™ Multi-Touch Display C2254PW combines a 3M Projected Capacitive touchscreen that delivers an ultra-fast, accurate, and precise 10 finger touch response, with a high-definition, wide view­ing angle LCD, to create a multi-touch chassis for your next generation interactive application. The rugged all steel frame and a highly-durable glass front surface provide the durability needed for demanding public use environments.

3M Projected Capacitive Technology

The C2254PW display uses 3M Projected Capacitive Technology (3M PCT) to deliver “full multi-touch” capabilities. The ability to distinguish 10 touches at less than 12 millisecond touch response creates a user experi­ence that is more natural, intuitive, and responsive compared to optical-based two touch systems.

The design of the projected capacitive sensor has more than 3300 touch sensing points in close proximity, making it precise and extremely accurate across the entire touchscreen. 3M PCT’s durable glass touchscreen surface has a unique anti-stiction coating that greatly reduces surface friction and allows users fingers to effortlessly glide across the display for easy gesture functions. This fast, accurate, and easy to use multi-touch touchscreen enables customers to create, deliver and experience innovative and immersive user applications.



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