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Multitouch gestures, multi-touch displays, multitouch walls

Multitouch systems with gestures are taking over from touchscreens. Why settle for one touch at a time, when you can use two fingers or more to control a system?

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Multitouch is essentially a set of interaction techniques which allow computer users to interact and control graphical applications with two or more fingers. Multitouch gestures are much more intuitive, faster and easier to use than a keyboard and a mouse. 

Common multitouch gestures include:

One of the best multitouch systems in the market is the iPhone 3GS. But because of its small size it is of no use in a public space except for private use. The new iPad relies heavily on multitouch; it’s a fundamental part of how you use the system.

Multitouch in Windows 7 OS

Multitouch is a big feature of Windows 7 OS and a wide range of hardware is now available. Windows 7  has a built-in, multitouch mapping application, photo viewing program, and gesture support in Internet Explorer 8. While there is native multitouch built into Windows 7, we supply custom software products that create a simpler, more stable user experience for public spaces. One such product is IDTouchControl

Multitouch in Public Spaces

When using multitouch in a public space, bigger is better. People really want to use multi-touch on a 32” or larger display, so they can easily see what they are doing. And remember, when most people use a multi-touch display they have someone with them, so room is needed for two viewers. When browsing websites on multitouch in public spaces,  a display of at least 40” should be used. This gets around the problem of big fingers trying to tap tiny graphical links!

We supply  a range of multitouch products:

Multitouch Video Walls

We design and supply large multitouch video walls up to 4 metres wide. They can be for indoors or outdoors use. We have several different types of hardware from our suppliers for multitouch walls including NEC, Next Window, iQrite and Visual Planet. We offer a complete custom design, build and install service.

Multitouch Content Design

We also supply content design and development services, to make it all work. We develpe content in Adobe Flash and with other programming tools for operating large multitouch displays in public spaces.


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