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iQrite touch frame

Imagine! A four-metre wide, multitouch wall with five people using it simultaneously! Finally, it’s possible!!

This is the IR multitouch technology the world has been waiting years for!
The iQRite  Touch Frame!
Up to now, large multi-user, multitouch walls had to be custom built.  Not now!
iQRite delivers the world’s first kitset, multitouch panel frame.
Now you can create a multi-user, multitouch system that stretches to an impressive 200” diagonal rear projection display. And you can easily integrate a touch frame onto your existing flat panel display or projector screen. iQRite frames fit any LCD, plasma or LED display, 20” or larger.

iQrite Frame on 22" display

The iQRite  Touch Frame is capable of handling up to ten simultaneous inputs, with touch and gestures. There is no other off-the-shelf product on the market world-wide, that enables several, simultaneous multitouch users. 

  • Any size touch frame up to 200” diameter
  • Up to ten simultaneous active hotspots on screen
  • Adjustable mount fits any large screen/display
  • Unique design - the world’s first kitset touch panel frame
  • IR Touch screen is capable of handling multiple and simultaneous inputs: touch, tap, gesture and multi-user collaboration

iQRite Touch Frames and Panels Benefits:

Hot plug and play device
iQRite touch frames are HID compliant, no need for any special driver - just connect to a computer through the USB port. An iQRite touch frame will convert your existing flat panel TV into a touch screen monitor or standard white board into a high tech state of the art interactive surface.

Extra Ambient Noise Filtering
Infrared light emitted by a photo diode from a IR Touch screen is interfered with by natural and artifical ambient light. By incorporating an extra thick 3-5mm IR filter, the iQRite Touch Frame has very good reliability and high resistance to light interference.

Universal Installation with Adjustable Bracket
Flat panel displays have no standard bezel or shell thickness, as the sizes vary with each brand, the touch frame cannot be deployed directly and into the right position. By having an adjustable hook along with a sliding slot, the iQRite allows quick installation and calibration. The fixing technique ensures a high quality professional finish instead of straps and tie downs.

For more info seethe iQrite web page or contact us


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