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We deliver complete digital media solutions for public spaces; design, hardware, systems, content and installation. We supply business and government a range of digital media and communications products with a focus on interactive media. Products include touchscreens, large multi-touch displays, digital signage large LCD/LED displays, video walls and audio systems for public spaces.

2 Rays
Two Rays touch wall Kelly Tarlton's Auckland

We import and are distributors for several brands from overseas including Black Box AV, Brown Innovations and IEI.

We are a re-seller for several brands including Elotouch, NEC, NextWindow, Sharp, Samsung and HP. We supply products from the world's largest technology distributor, Ingram Micro.




We have developed several digital media Applications for information on touch systems in public spaces. They include Google Earth On Large Multitouch, TouchTerminal and WebTouch.
WebTouch allows any website to be used on a large touchscreen or thru glass touch window in a public space. Great for any business or organisation who want their website to be seen in public.

All In One Touchscreen PC System

Use one enclosure or housing for public location of interactive media displays and systems. The benefits are that there is no messy wiring connecting two or more enclosures (such as PC & Touchscreen LCD) in public places and a more stylish design. See more:

AV Displays

We supply several different types of AV(audio visual) displays for business use They include several leading brands of commercial LCD and video wall systems, NEC and Sharp.

New technology hi-bright LCD screens enable video to be played in public places with high levels of daylight and evan sunlight. Product Range:

Audio for Public Spaces

We have a range of audio products suitable for public spaces. They include reactive sound systems that start up up on a visitor passing by.

Digital Signage

We have a a wide range of digital signage systems and appliances from the low end to the very high end. We supply systems from several leading brands and are sure to have one for any digital signage application. Some systems simply loop images and video on a linear fashion. Next is higher resolution video outputs. Other systems schedule content on a 24 hr or weekly and monthly format. The most advanced systems can be interupted and operated by a touchscreen, proximity sensor, RFID tag or barcode being read.


We supply PC’s and servers for business use with digital media applications. Sometimes a tiny PC is needed due to space limitations when delivering content in public places and we have many options.

Touch, Multi-touch, Touchscreens, Touch Monitors, Thru-glass Touch Window

Our touchscreens and touch monitors are for business use, often in business, museums and tourist sites. We supply small 10” touchscreens to the largest in the world.
Outdoors Touch
Neublick hi bright outdoor touchscreen
The big trend is towards multi-touch displays and video walls.

Product Range

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