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Digital View

The leading brand for digital signage and interactive exhibits in museums and galleries world-wide.

Digital View is an established global supplier of a wide range of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage technology. In its 15 year history, Digital View has designed and delivered digital advertising, point-of-purchase and product demonstration systems to some of the world’s leading brands, retailers, museums and corporates.

Digtial View flyer
15" all-on-one video flyer

With over 150,000 eye-catching and engaging digital signage and digital presentation systems installed across the globe, Digital View offers the market-leading combination of product, quality and experience.

VS 450
Digital View VS 450 solid state media player

Digital Media Players: The ViewStream Family

The Digital View ViewStream™ range delivers crystal clear, high definition digital video and digital audio for the digital signage and retail media industry. These lightweight, compact, networkable interactive media players connect to any type of digital display, have no moving parts and run off ultra-reliable solid state flash memory. They offer >100,000 hours of disk-free, tape-free & trouble-free playback. At TCP we fit buttons and controllers to allow playback from audience interaction. Now in museums, every video can be started on the touch of a button, no more mindless looping! See more on the DV ViewStream media players here


Digital poster
Digital Poster 40" to 65"

Digital Posters : Advertising & Wayfinding Boards

The Digital View Digital Poster Range are single and double sided large format digital advertising, wayfinding or information boards. Available in temperature controlled and protective free-standing or wall-mounted enclosures, the 40” to 65” diagonal Digital Poster range has integrated media players, wireless communications and options for touch screen and audience measurement systems. The VideoFlyer™ high quality display & media player combinations are built into robust commercial enclosures - designed for 24/7 playback in retail, museum & professional environments.

The DV-Player Control Software & BEN CMS is standard. We have an option for other Digital Signage software such as Wallflower.

Digital View Flyer

Digital Signs : All-In-One Digital Presentation
The Digital View VideoFlyer™ Range are high quality digital LCD panels with integrated ViewStream™ media players in robust commercial enclosures. These professional, high-bright, all-in-one systems are available from 6” to 55” diagonal, they are fully customisable, with lockable power supplies and a range of device control options, including touch screens, RS-232, motion sensors & programmable buttons. See more info at Digital View here

Comms, Cables & Parts: The Accessories
Digital View supplies a range of accessories and parts to compliment any digital signage or digital video installation. Products include buttons and switches, ruggedized displays, audience measurement systems, wireless modems, flash cards and the Digital View’s Pro-Control™ Series of video processors. These scalers and media switches offer superior image manipulation and signal processing capabilities for all pro-A/V video applications.



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