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We supply tiny 8.4"displays with Elo touchscreen's ideal where there is shortage of space such as on shelf in supermarket.
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self serve kiosks enclosures

We supply custom and factory made kiosk enclosures.

Digit Professional Heron KioskFactory made kiosk enclosures include:

  • Factory made kiosks from Australia and the USA
  • Factory made kiosks from Digit Professional, Holland
  • Osprey MPC, a solid state touchscreen system with no moving parts. Simply hang on a wall mount

Our custom made enclosures are designed locally and use modern materials for building and finishing. One advantage from having a custom design is to be able to build in the features that you need in a style that suits your operation. Custom made enclosures are finished in powder coated aluminum, stainless steel or specially painted MDF.

The Preview Kiosk
Made in Auckland from MDF, this kiosk has a 15" rear mount LCD touchscreen. Also has brushed aluminum on the bottom. It is easy to assemble and move. Can be finished in an attractive flec type paint. The PC or is enclosed in the base. The base allow access from the front to the hardware

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