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iSignager Digital Signage System

iSignager is a total digital signage system that allows you to create high-definition content and communicate to a targeted audience at anytime, anywhere. There is an iSignager solution for any application, from simple looping content to scheduled content that plays a different programme on each display on the network.

The iSignager system can be supplied as a standalone player (the iSignager 500A) for use in established monitor set-ups or as an optional, all-in-one iSignager –LCD-screen system.

isignager system
iSignager System

Standalone 500A
• Operates from a Compact Flash card – no moving parts
• High stability and low power consumption
• Fan-less design with low noise
• Ability to connect display on full resolutions via outputs S-video, DVI, VGA and Composite
• Supports Full HD (1080i/p) contents up to 1920 x 1200
• Network management and remote update contents via LAN or Wireless LAN
• Free bundled software: iSignager AdExpress and iSignager AdDesign

LCD Series:The all-in-one display option
• Same hardware as the standalone box, but built into a LCD chassis
• Screen sizes from 10” – 42"

Choose the iSignager content authoring/deliverysoftware you need from three levels of operation:
• ENTRY-AdExpress,
• MID-LEVEL-AdDesign or
• ADVANCED -AdDesign Pro & AdMinistrator.

iSignager - Three software content managment systems
iSignager - Three software content management systems


Using the basic AdExpress software, bundled FREE with iSignager-500A player and iSignager-LCD series, you can programme your advertisements or information to be displayed to a passing audience as a continuously looped presentation throughout the day. Simply add in your images, set a display time, add your video and save your programme on a Compact Flash card.

AdExpress Features
• Full screen pictures and video display
• Various transfer effects
• Supports background audio and music
• Ability to schedule content playing period
• Player Security Login & Setting
• Runs on Windows XP Pro
• Minimal training required – approx 1 hour


Create your own personalised graphics and content with added scope and few limitations. It’s faster and easier with AdDesign, bundled FREE with iSignager-500A player and iSignager-LCD series.

AdDesign allows you to create programmes with the layout on screen that you choose. Compile and schedule programmes for different times of the day over 24 hours. Include a scroller or ticker on your show. Send your show to your iSignager player over your network or the Internet.

• Multiple media zones display
• Include banners or tickers
• Intuitive drag and drop layout design
• Supports background picture and music
• Multiple player management
• 24-hour single-sequence scheduled play
• Player Security Login & Setting
• Training required: About half a day

AdDesign requires Windows XP Pro to be installed on your authoring/server PC.

ADVANCED AdDesign Pro & Administrator

For an advanced digital signage software option, for both concept creation and player management, especially of multiple player networks, choose to upgrade to AdMinistrator. After producing your content in AdDesign Pro, use Administrator to schedule it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Control up to 20 iSignager systems situated anywhere on a network connection with one copy of Administrator. Create real time banners. Include a RSS feed from the Internet in your programme.

AdMinistrator Features
• Advanced functions and features
• Multiple media zones display
• Multi-Clients & Group Management
• Scheduled sequences transferring
• Yearly Multi-Sequence scheduled play
• Real Time Message
• Player Security Login & Setting
• Log management supports - output CVS file format for easy custom-made report
• Auto Time Sync with PC/ NTP Server
• Training required: About one to two days

AdMinistrator requires Windows XP Pro to be installed on your authoring/server PC.

For more information please download the pdf or see the iSignager site

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