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The Howie Touchscreen PC


The Howie is a new attractive design of touchscreen PC. It comes completely self-contained in a slim silver case only 83 mm thick and hangs on a wall or connects to the desktop or desk screen. It has no external cables between the various computer components The touchscreen allows an operator to navigate any interface using just one finger, interactive display .

Touch screen
15” Pixel perfect LCD touch screen. Will work with any windows software

The front bezel colour can be changed according to a customer’s requirements. Standard, colours are metallic silver, matt Black and metallic blue.


The Howie Computer is ideal for use as a touchscreen interactive display at exhibitions.
Exhibition Stands
As a touchscreen LCD interactive display. To provide information or run a competition.
As an information point for meetings, lectures, personal messages and travel information.
Front Offices
The Howie is an attractive tool addition to a front office / reception area where companies welcome their customers. It is the ideal tool for displaying the company’s website, information and presentations. The touchscreen PC will impress customers and its design will draw them to it and the information on display. It is used with our self-service reception system.

The Howie can be configured with your choice of PC components. If a PCI card is needed, that can be accommodated with a slightly larger back.


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