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New! Now PowerPac Digital V2.1 is interactive and can operate touchscreen kiosks. Use your product database to inform customers at tradeshows, in retail stores and public places.



PowerPac Digital PC/TV Information System


Realtime Content Creation and Remote Management for Audiovisual Displays Located Anywhere.

Also manages touchscreen kiosks

PowerPac Digital allows for the creation and scheduled delivery of PC and TV content to AV displays. PowerPac Digital means you can have your own information displays or private TV channel wherever you want.

PowerPac Digital gives you the ability to deliver audiovisual messages anywhere, anytime. And at a fraction of the price of older technologies like broadcast TV. It is a system that can be used to operate just one display or hundreds, all with customised messages if needed. Updated instantly, no waiting around for new content.

PowerPac Digital Diagram

You can display the output of PowerPac Digital on PC VGA and DVI displays, plasma screens, LCD displays, TV and projection systems. Displays can be divided into zones for playing video clips or live video, graphics, text and animation. Video can be full DVD quality in part or full screen. PowerPac Digital can also output text to some LED signs, a new way to control LED signs remotely.

PowerPac Digital uses Internet standards for delivery over local networks and the Internet. Large file content is saved on a local PowerPac Digital Player PC and for repeated playing of video, this saves communication costs.

We now include the support for live TV in a PowerPac Digital programme. Switch from your own content to live TV and back. There are a range of other features such as including live TV in a picture in picture programme or have scrolling text or Flash animation on the bottom of a live TV picture.

We have been working closely with SkyTV New Zealand, who are now a reseller of the PowerPac Digital system.

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