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We have produced a wide range of video and DVD-Video productions. A sample include the following.

"Everybody's Got A Favourite Aunt Betty's", Old Fashioned Foods

For Old Fashioned Foods we were required to produce a video that showed off the products of the largest pudding maker in New Zealand. The Aunt Betty's brand of steamed puddings are sold all over the world. They are re-branded as in-house brands by supermarkets in the UK. We shot a video showing the manufacturing process. Our cameraman, Armie, was the underwater camera operator on the film "Whale Rider".

The video was digitised to run off a PC hard drive and installed in the New Zealand Trade Centre. We also made several DVD-Video copies of the show.


"Fonterra Presentation" , Bridgestone/Firestone New Zealand

When Bridgestone Firestone needed a powerful video to include in their PowerPoint presentations, they turned to The Complete Package. We were able to produce a video to run at the front of a PowerPoint presentation and this set the scene with pacy music and pictures for what was to follow. The Video was digitised to MPEG-2 standard and this meant that DVD quality video was able to be played within the PowerPoint presentation on the second slide. We also achieved full screen full 25 frames per second motion for a high quality look.


"The Balanced Scorecard", Griffins Foods

GriffensWe produced a corporate video for Griffin's annual conference. We came up with a theme of a heartbeat and animated the logo to some powerful music. The scorecard was shown by the use of a beat line moving across the screen like you find on a heart monitor machine. We created several small inserts animating in Flash to highlight the different areas that the balanced scorecard was to work in.


Six Video Productions, Auckland Museum

The Complete Package director, Kevin Wright produced six videos for Auckland Museum's new City Gallery which opened at the end of 1999. The videos tell the story of Auckland for the first time in an audio video format as interpreted by the leading New Zealand historian James Belich. The programmes were produced from thousands of feet of archival footage and a huge number of stills.

Auckland Museum: Looking at OurselvesAfter completion, the BetaSP videos masters were then encoded and authored on to DVD-R media. The programme "Shifting Gear - The Making of Modern Auckland" was the first DVD programme produced in New Zealand.

The DVD format was chosen for the City Gallery displays because of its high quality upon playback. Due to the fact the programme plays on a CD type player, there are far less moving parts to wear than playback from a tape machine.


"Saturn Promo", GEC Alsthom

This programme was a corporate video produced to enhance the case for GEC Alsthom's pitch for contracts with Saturn in Wellington. The video featured the Managing Director speaking to camera and a background on the company.
"The video is very good, it really worked" - GEC Alsthom New Zealand.


"We'll Get Things Moving", Cargo Co-ordinators

This Video CD was designed to play on a notebook computer to show to clients overseas a company profile before a PowerPoint presentation. Extensive use was made of 3D animation for flying logos. One of the first videos in New Zealand made expressly for playback via MPEG software decoding on a notebook.

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