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Jackie Graphical Design
Typical Main Menu for Self-Service Receptionist

We have been supplying customers for several years self-service receptionist systems based on our Jackie, Self Service Receptionist.

Revera SSR
Revera SSR

Basically Jackie allows a touchscreen system to be turned into a large interactive speakerphone system upon operation. Jackie SSR also allows visitors to view presentation or web pages about the company while waiting in a reception area.

We have been using the Howie 15” All-in-One Touchscreen system modified by us with an audio system to enable hands free calling. We designed our own microphone housing to fit on to the top of the Howie, for a professional look.

ANZ/National Bank Private Banking HQ Virtual Receptionist

For the ANZ/National Bank private banking headquarters, a quite different variation on the graphic design was made, while retaining the fundamental Jackie engineering to operate the system. Here the user has the choice of operating the system in English or Chinese.


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