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Interfix PresentationWe are being called upon more and more to produce PowerPoint presentations for clients. PowerPoint is a very powerful program and one that not many people can master quickly. It needs an experienced audio visual producer to make a compelling presentation. While anyone can prepare a quick PowerPoint presentation, it takes some skills in the audio visual production area to make the most impact. We are including customise graphics, animation, audio and interactivity in PowerPoint presentations. DVD quality video is something we are including more often in PowerPoint presentations.


"Propecia, Rally Of New Zealand Presentation"

Propecia, Rally Of New Zealand PresentationFor the 2002 Propecia Rally of New Zealand, we produced a product video which also included exciting rally footage from the 2002 World Championship series to date. The video was to inform fans about Propecia and how it could treat hair loss. We produced the video on a DVD and played it over on a plasma screen in the Propecia tent which we set up at each of the service parks. A great weekend was had by all and a new world champion, Marcus Gronholm won the Rally of New Zealand on the final day, south of Auckland.


"Exceeding Customer Expectations" Lightning Transport

We were commissioned by Lightening Transport's advertising agency to produce a multimedia presentation programme which was to be used in the pitch for new business. We produced a slide show on CD-I which gave the client the opportunity tome around the programme to enable the presentation to be tailored to the audience.

On the first presentation to a major client, the Lightning Transport presentation system made a big impression. We included lots of big audio effects, a high quality voice over (from the same artist who does the football ads for Sky Network) and even audio references from Lightening customers. The competitors came in with a plain old slide projector. Needless to say, Lightening Transport won the account with one of New Zealand's largest businesses.


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