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Rugby World Cup 2011 Digital Media Projects from TCP

We recently developed and installed the amazing touchscreen-based entertainment for VIP guests at the Eden Park Pavilion during Rugby World Cup 2011. Magic Moments at Eden Park was a world first – an interactive video wall offering instant video clips of selected rugby action from all previous RWC tournaments.

Magic Moments
Magic Moments App On Touch Display & Projection Screen

This show played on a 32” touch display with custom floor stand and also onto a large projection screen. Magic Moments was the first time fans were able to see in a public space all the highlights of the Rugby World Cup. Each year from 1987 featured a video wall of clips for fans to choose their favourite action.

Did You Know? was another interactive show for customer Rugby Travel & Hospitality, was custom designed by The Complete Package. It featured information on the RWC 2011 tournament, RWC history, statistics and trivia.

Did You Know? Touch Display & Projection Screen
The teams pages included including details 900 players and support staff. Other sections covered venues, the schedule and results. We were one of the few organisations linked in to the IRB database for up to date information.. This show played on a 40” touch display and also a large projection screen.

“It was great”. Andrew Burton, CEO RTH.

We also designed and produced a quiz for the guests in the dinning rooms at Eden Park Pavilion. Each night a different quiz of 100 questions and answers was presented.

Eden Park Pavilion Quiz On Large Displays,Rugby World Cup 2011

Rotoroa Island Visitors Centre, Audio, Video and Interactive Exhibits

Rotoroa Island Visitors Centre
Rotoroa Island Visitors Centre

In February 2011, the official opening was made of the Rotoroa Island visitors centre. Rotoroa Island is about 80 minutes from Auckland on a ferry. It was for many years a Salvation Army centre for recovering alcoholics. Over the years many people spent quite a lot of time on the island. Recently the Rotoroa Island Restoration Trust purchased the island and have set about turning it into a public space for the people of Auckland. Part of the restoration is the visitors centre, where the stories of the previous residents of the island are told.

Touch display
Database Touch Display

We produced several interactive programmes. They included two video productions that play upon a cupboard door being opened, a large 40” LCD that plays upon a button on the wall be pushed, 3 sound stations that offer overhead speakers or headphones to tell stories, a touchscreen visitor database capture system and a people counter system.



Bank & Community Trust History on Large Touch Display

Trust UI
Touch Display Main Menu

We recently designed and produced an interactive touch display programme for the Hawkes Bay Savings Bank and the Eastern & Central Community Trust. The interactive tells the story of the bank and the trust from the beginning. Our user interface and graphics design was based on the art deco style found in the building where the interactive plays on a 40” HP touch display in Hastings.

Both shows have video presentations with clips linked to buttons for instance access. We also included interactive timelines which upon drag, show events over the years.


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