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Whakarewarewa Village Charitable Trust

Old Gramophone
HMV Gramaphone - modified
were asked to give a old wind up gramophone an makeover so as to turn it into a museum exhibit that plays a digitised recording of the an old record upon push of a button. This was a interesting project as we had to ensure that it appeared that the record was still playing, even though it was not.

We modified the HMV gramophone and replaced the existing wind up system with an electric motor and solid state audio system. We installed 4 speakers on a stand and a button to operate the system.

Components include Guilderfluke SD 25 media player, amp and controller

Royal New Zealand Navy Museum

We supplied and installed two audio systems for the new Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay. A Dolby surround sound system creates the sounds of World War 2 for background effect in the main gallery. A Maestro balanced audio system is used to play a Maori haka or chant at the entrance.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery Media Players

Dunedin Art Gallery needed new media players for their artists to play hi definition 1920 by 1080 pixels video in syncronisation across several projectors. We supplied a seven Digital View DV-450 units with six to be players and one to be the network controller. The DV-450 is exceptional in that it sync’s up frame perfect. With this system Dunedin Art Galley now has one of the leading syncronised video systems in Australasia. See more about Digital View products here


ShowTouch App

We have developed a new touch display App, ShowTouch App.

Meetings 2010 pic
Peek Display Stand with ShowTouch

This application is designed for large touch displays in public spaces, especially for trade shows, showrooms and museums. ShowTouch allows for interactive story telling and information delivery in an easy to use manner, based on web tools.

The first public release of ShowTouch was on the Peek Display stand at the "Meetings 2010" exhibition held at SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland, June 2010.

The basic version of ShowTouch plays images in a montage of slides that fade in and out with up to 30 words of text. Being browser based, there are several additional features that can be added on.

Send a PDF flyer at Meetings 2010

The features we like the most are the pdf display page and “e-mail me a pdf” page. The pdf e-mailer system enables viewer to use a virtual keyboard to fill a form of name and address to receive a message to enable them to download any required pdf. The form also has a check box to enable the viewer to be added to a database to receive special offers if required.

See more here

New Elo TouchSystems Large Public Display Touch Panels

Elo have announced and listed three new interactive digital signage displays – the 3200L + 4200L + 4600L. See more here

The new Elo TouchSystems IDS portfolio offers the digital signage market a unique industry solution: the only display system to incorporate zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass touch-screen technology into large-format, rugged panels specifically built for commercial environments. The responsive Elo TouchSystems acoustic pulse recognition (APR) touch technology – promises consistent, resilient touch functionality and performance in almost any public-access location. Optional computer modules can be added.

Our World 2D & 3D June 2010

Our World 2D & 3D App

We have developed a new Application for large touch displays in public spaces, Our World 2D & 3D App.

From the globe to your backyard with a few taps on the screen

Today’s leading mapping (2D) and earth view (3D) technology, Google Maps and Earth – was released in April 2010. We saw an opportunity to create a new App for use on touch displays in public spaces. We developed a world first Google application for the PC, “Our World 2D & 3D App” (Our World). Our World is designed to be used on a large touchscreen in trade-shows, museums, showrooms and by presenters at conferences and meetings.

Our World 2D & 3D App is subject to Google Maps/Earth terms of service.

See more here

Museums Aotearoa Conference and Exhibition

Museum A
We are an associate member of Museums Aotearoa

In New Plymouth in May 2010, we exhibited our products and services at the Museums Aotearoa Conference and Exhibition. There was a lot of interest in our digital media products and services for museums, galleries and cultural sites.

Kevin Wright was a speaker during the Tech Heads conference session and spoke of new digital media products and services. Special mention was made of using the Apple iPad as a museum interpretive exhibit. See more on our blog here.

Buzz Aldrin Stops at our Exhibition Stand

Buzz Aldrin on our stand At Planet 2010

At the Planet2010 conference and exhibition at SkyCity in Auckland, conference Day One was for business people and Day Two for the public. The keynote speaker for the conference was Buzz Aldrin, a man of extraordinary talent. Buzz told his life story and what an amazing story. Korean war fighter pilot, MIT student, NASA astronaut, second man on the moon, leading performer on America’s “Dancing with the Stars”, to key member of President Obama’s task force on manned space flight to Mars. An excellent presentation was made from an inspirational man. Follow Buzz on twitter to see what he is up to.

Many people meet Buzz at Planet 2010

At 5pm during the Planet2010 exhibition cocktail function, Buzz Aldrin and his wife Lois came down the exhibition aisle towards our stand. Buzz took a look at our App, Google Earth on Large Multi touch. Buzz liked our Google Earth on Large Multitouch App and the Apollo Tour in which he featured in very prominently. Buzz is one of the voices on the narration.

Buzz Aldrin's wife Lois waits for hundreds to meet and get pic

Buzz allowed a very large number of people come up to meet and have their picture taken with him. He stayed for over an hour and a quarter and was very generous answering many questions. His wife waited very patiently on the TIVO stand next to our stand. I was very pleased to host Buzz between meeting a large number of people and pics. I found him to be an amazing person and his stories were incredible. When I suggested it was time to chat to his wife Lois, he left his Blackberry and iPhone on our stand table. Upon returning them to him, Buzz commented, "I was coming back for those!"

Our stand At Planet 2010 Exhibition

TCP Exhibit at Planet 2010
In March we exhibited at the Planet2010 exhibition. We had a great turn out on both days and showed off our Apps, Google Earth On Large Multitouch and WebTouch. We had 52” and  40” multi-touch displays on our stand as well as the only HP TouchSmart 26” AIO system in New Zealand.

Most visitors were very impressed and many thought Google Earth On Large Multitouch (GEMT) was an awesome product. To be able to use multi-touch gestures to navigate around he world is a great thing to do and visitors just loved the interface which works so much better than a keyboard and mouse.

In the stand next to us we had the Vector team promoting a new fibre to the home product. They liked our GEMT product and asked if we would like to see it operating with really a hi speed gigabyte net connection. We said yes of course and an hour later we were connected. What a difference to our GEMT. The Earth pics were rendered on screen at a blistering rate, it just looked so good.

We had a lot of interest in our plans for a large multi touch multi-user video wall. We are now stepping up the development process.

AUT University Buys Our Google Earth on Multitouch App and 40" Touch System

SKANZ Conference features our Google Earth App

We recently supplied a 40” multi-touch system with our App “Google Earth on Large Multi touch” to Auckland University of Technology, Computer Science Department. It was used very successfully at an international conference. SKANZ 2010. The conference was to promote the Square Kilometre Array Australia and New Zealand joint venture bid. If the joint Australia/New Zealand bid is successful, SKA will be the largest science project ever undertaken in Australia and New Zealand.

"Your Google Earth screen is absolutely amazing! It reminded me one my favourite movie — The Minority Report with Tom Cruise."
Professor Sergei Gulyaev,
New Zealand SKA Project Leader,
Director of Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research,
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences,
Auckland University of Technology


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