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We now have a blog. More news about The Complete Package and on the world of touch, especially multi-touch. See http://thecompletepackagelimited.wordpress.com/

We now are on twitter. Follow our occasional tweets at http://twitter.com/completepac

Google Earth’s content accessed on a large multi-touch display is now a star attraction at Stardome.
In August we set up Google Earth Pro on a large 40” multi-touch screen at Auckland Stardome. All features accessed and navigated by way of multi-touch and gesture technology, similar to that found on the Apple iPhone. No keyboard and no mouse used; The Complete Package-developed " Google Earth On Large Multi-touch" system effectively harnesses sight, touch and intuition to create an amazing user experience. Zoom in and out with stretch and pinch gestures. Rotate the earth with horizontal swipes. Change the camera point of view with vertical swipes. So much easier to use than with a keyboard and mouse. We found that children visiting Stardome loved using the system.

Many features available on Google Earth are on the Stardome display. As well as viewing interactive information, take a tour around planet Earth to the Stardome. Switch to Sky mode and view our entire solar system. It is easy to see other planets and galaxies in our solar system Change your view from Earth to the Moon and to Mars. Other information in tours can include web page links, slide shows and videos.
Our set up at Stardome uses Google Earth operating in the browser, which allowed us to design and program a custom interface. As we have no keyboard and mouse with the system, there is nothing for users to do, except view Google Earth and associated content.

The Complete Package set up of Google Earth on a large multi-touch display in a public space may possibly be a world first event. See it on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoE7XHC6SoE

WebTouch at TRENZ
TCP supplied Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) a 40” touchscreen operating with WebTouch for the TRENZ tradeshow in Auckland in June. For the tenth anniversary of their 100% Pure campaign, TNZ put a lot of effort into designing the most prominent stand at the TRENZ show. Our WebTouch system was appreciated by TNZ staff for making it easier to show the newzealand.com trade tourism web site to visitors. One comment we received was that it was much better to show visitors the web site on a 40” system rather than a small laptop. When the site displayed Asian languages and fonts, they were much easier to read on the large display.

X Media Lab Commercialising Ideas May 22 2009 Auckland
The X Media Lab one day conference at the Hilton, Auckland was a fascinating event that had many world class presenters who spoke about developments in digital media. X Media Lab runs presentations and Labs in major cities around the world as a digital media think-tank and creative workshop.

A very compelling presentation was from Richard Cardran. Richard is a strategist and technologist from LA who spoke on business models for digital media. He created some excitement in the room with his video of Perceptive Pixel multi-touch screens. See more at the Missing Link blog here

Dale Herigstad is chief creative officer at Schematic. Dale made a huge impression with the audience with his stories of user interface design. Acknowledged as a world leading digital designer, Dale talked of the 20/2 to 21 feet paradigm. It was very interesting to hear of the new interface for computer/TV control, hand gestures. See more at the Missing Link blog here.

TCP puts website on touchscreen at NZ Golf Open
Many visitors to the recent Michael Hill New Zealand Golf Open in Queenstown got to see more of New Zealand than they expected. Visiting the i-Site tent on the spectacular Hills Golf Course, they were immediately attracted to a prominent 42-inch touchscreen display. For the first time, the newzealand.com website was being accessed via touchscreen in a public space.
The Complete Package supplied and set up our WebTouch display system, including a distinctive attract loop in Flash, for i-Site New Zealand, the tourist information network and a division of Tourism New Zealand. The system included VP touch foil attached to a sheet of glass mounted in front of a Sharp LCD screen. Public reaction to the WebTouch display was very positive and the website was being accessed continually throughout the tournament.

WebTouch. Putting websites on public display
TCP have a developed a new product, WebTouch. Like to have your website available in public spaces? A WebTouch system, supplied by The Complete Package, makes it happen. Large touchscreen displays can be used by any business or organisation wanting to have its website available for public browsing - at trade shows, transport terminals, reception areas, special events and product launches.

With our large screen WebTouch system, there’s no keyboard or mouse to deter people, however a virtual keyboard can be offered when users need to enter information.
WebTouch systems can be operated from a LCD/plasma touch display or in the case of a through-window touch system, a rear projection onto glass system. Based on our experience of big fingers and little links on websites, our WebTouch systems start with 32” LCD or 40” touch window foil. Sizes go up to 100” touch foil/plasma.

TCP project features in Global Innovations Report
In the Travel section, Jan 09 edition of Global Innovations Report, a story “Greening the Airport” is published. This is a report on the LEED project supplied from TCP for Auckland Airport. The GDR Creative Intelligence UK, Global Innovation Report is subscribed to by advertising agencies and the leading brands across Europe and the USA. Download a pdf of the story here.

Multi-touch and gestures on touchscreens
Multi-touch has arrived and we are now supplying systems and designing content. Multi-touch looks like it will become one of the big new media technologies of 2009 for TCP. The way we look at it is multi-touch is a powerful new way to control a PC and get information. The extra ability of multi-touch over single touch is like the comparison to the old pre mouse DOS OS days and then the arrival of Windows and the mouse.

See a story “Microsoft's mouse less revolt: new touchscreen system”

TCP is now able to design and author multi-touch presentations with Adobe Flash. This means that with a very powerful communications content production tool, we now offer new ways to get your message out in public spaces.


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