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Greening Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport touchscreenWe recently completed the supply of two 46” LCD touchscreens, the operation equipment and installation at Auckland Airport's new terminal. The terminal was built to service the new Airbus A320 aircraft. It was built to US “Leed” carbon reduction guidelines.

We also produced the content telling the story of the Greening of The Airport. The touchscreen programmes allow users to find out the steps were taken by the airport to gain LEED accreditation and steps to reduce carbon. The content was produced in Adobe Flash. For a story in the media, click here. To see an Auckland Airport touchscreen in action on Youtube video, click here

More Digital Signage Product
We have revised our offering in the digital signage system space and have several new products and brands. We now cover the market from low end to the very top end and have a system for every use. See our new product range here.

Touchscreen Suppliers Support Multi-touch Touchscreens
Two of our leading touchscreen suppliers have announced they are now supporting multi-touch and gestures technology.

EloTouch have announced they have released a technology that enables two-finger gesture recognition on analog resistive touchscreens. See more here

NextWindow have announced details of their support for multi-touch and gestures. With NextWindow Multi-Touch, you can pinch, swipe, or zoom to enlarge text, advance through photos, or adjust an image at will. NextWindow’s latest optical touch screens provide multi-touch functionality for displays as large as 120”. See more here

Intercom Museums Conference
The international museums conference Intercom 2008, was held in Rotorua during November 08. There were some really good presentations from museum directors and curators around the world. The highlight was the presentation by Ralph Appelbaum by video from New York. Ralph is acknowledged as the world’s leading museum interpretive designer. He discussed many of his major projects, which cover some of the best museums and cultural sites in the world. His theme was “How do you build a visitor experience that can be found nowhere else?” His touch tables where one can share information with others were particularly inspiring. See more on Ralph Appelbaum here.

First Light Adjusting Touch Window in New Zealand

Stratford Touch WindowTCP has supplied and installed a touch window tourist information system to the Stratford i-Site. The touch window is the first of its sort in New Zealand. Inside the window is a 32” hi-bright light adjusting LCD display. The key feature is the ability to automatically adjust the screen brightness with ambient light conditions. The screen has a very high brightness that allows viewing in full sunlight but at night-time the brightness is cut right back. A Visual Planet transparent touch foil inside the window controls the interactive features and means there are no parts on the outside of the window. See a story online here. To see a touch window in action on Youtube video, click here.

On this project we developed a new touchscreen content management system, TouchTerminal to allow our customers to update touch window and touchscreen content. TouchTerminal includes an extension for the leading Internet content management system, Joomla. With TouchTerminal, users do not see a web interface, rather the screen looks like any museum interactive touchscreen exhibit or a touchscreen in a public place, just content and buttons. It also features atimeout a to a “Flash” attract loop to get users attention.

Touching The Future
Touch screens are becoming increasingly popular way to control mobile phones and other devices. How does the technology work and where is it heading. Story from The Economist magazine Sept 6, 08. Courtesy of Elotouch. Download pdf here.

PIR Audio Sensor, Motion Sensor Operated Sound System
We released a new audio product we designed locally, PIR Audio Sensor. It combines a commercial MP3 system with PIR motion sensor and powered commercial speakers. PIR Audio Sensor is a very useful audio system that will play every time someone passes by. Great for museums, galleries, tourist sites and retailers who want to attract attention with their audio message.

Stay Sharp!
We’re very pleased to be able to offer the Sharp range of LCD panels including the new commercial 46” LCD, the PN-465U with 450nits brightness. These panels come with a 3 year commercial warranty. Three were supplied for Auckland Airport's new terminal.

It Doesn’t Come Easier Than This, Ryarc CampaignManager
CampaignManager is a top-of-the-line digital signage and software management system and it’s now available through TCP. CampaignManager is an easy to use software platform for managing digital displays such as plasma screen TVs, Kiosks or LCD displays and projectors. CampaignManager can control a single screen in your office, or a thousand public screens around the world simply from your own desktop. It can mix high-definition video, flash animation, live news feeds and web content and publish them to displays quickly and reliably using basic PC skills.


waterproof LCDBrighten up! Neublick High-Bright LCD Displays
TCP is now supplying the new range of high-bright LCD screens from Neublick in Singapore. Neublick screens have a brightness of 600nits-1800nits. This improves contrast ratio, viewing angle, viewing distance and colour. They’re ideal for outdoor use, especially in bright sunlight where ordinary LCDs are just not good enough. Combined with a light sensor and auto light-adjusting system, they work brilliantly any time of the day or night. A range of waterproof LCD displays is also supplied and they can be touch enabled as well. Ideal for drive through restaurants.

Keeping in Touch, Visual Planet Foil for Touch-windows
Visual Planet supplies touch foil for use in touch-window applications. The interactive foil means any shop window or museum display case can be turned into a touchscreen. Nothing on the outside of the glass, all the material is stuck to the inside window.

SD 25 A Sound Package! Guilderfluke Audio & Show Products
If you’re looking for a tiny MP3 audio player for your museum or store, we have the answer. Guildefluke makes a large range of synchronised audio and show control systems, all solid state and driven from memory cards.

Many of the Guilderfluke products operate from SD memory products. Simply record your MP3 audio track on the card, plug in and play. They can be programmed to play in endless loops or to wait for a button or start signal to play.

The Price Is Right, Digit Professional
We’re very pleased to be New Zealand distributor for Dutch company, Digit Professional, a specialist in products for digital signage, narrowcasting and interactive displays. Because most products are now supplied to TCP direct from Taiwan, we can offer better prices on all ProDVX digital signage products and the Osprey all-in-one touchscreen range.

Free Graphics Software With IEI’s New Isignager Digital Signage Series
iSignager is a new IEI product range available from TCP and it comes highly recommended. It’s a total digital signage system that allows you to create high-definition content and communicate to a targeted audience at anytime, anywhere. Whether you choose the standalone player (simply connect to existing monitors) or the LCD-series with built in player, iSignager’s graphic software – AdExpress and AdDesign – comes bundled free. If you need an advanced level of control management, simply update to AdMinistrator.

Elo 2639Get The Full Picture. Elotouch, The New Widescreen LCD Range
Elo TouchSystems is recognised as a global leader in touch technology, developing manufacturing and marketing a complete line of touchscreen products. Elo TouchSystems has now launched the 2039, 2239, 2639 and the 3239 range of widescreen open frame LCD touch monitors. A very contemporary look with stunning visual impact and available in New Zealand through TCP. This range is made to simply hang on a wall mount or to be fitted to a cabinet or into a wall for museum exhibits.

tradeshow standPutting Ourselves On Display At The Museums Aotearoa Trade Show
The Complete Package manned a booth at the 2008 Museums Aotearoa Conference & Trade Show held at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. The large number of delegates who attended, representing museums and galleries throughout New Zealand, showed considerable interest in TCP’s products and services. New products exhbited included the Elo widescreen 32" touchmonitor.


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