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Virtual receptionistSelf Service Receptionist for new ANZ/National Private Banking HQ
In December we installed a new self-service receptionist in the foyer of the new ANZ/National Private Banking headquarters in Auckland.

Designed by Opus Architecture, the virtual receptionist kiosk is a key feature. Visitors can contact the person they wish to see in English and Chinese languages. The user interface was based on our Jackie self service receptionist system. The hardware included a Howie All-in-One touchscreen PC.

AV and Interactive Exhibits for Waipu Museum
In December we supplied and installed several AV and interactive exhibits for Waipu Museum in Northland. We authored the interactive content and supplied all the AV and interactive media systems. This included use of some new equipment; directional speakers, solid state audio players and a video chameleon with a PIR trigger.

The Panaphonics sound shower directional speakers are designed to allow people in public places to have audio sent to focused area so there is little problem with sound spill from other sounds. They are very suitable for use in a museum environment as visitors can hear the AV exhibits without problems from other exhibits nearby.

The Peppers Ghost exhibit is operated from a video chameleon with a PIR trigger. This   operates a video presentation when a person walks by. Much better than having a video part way through playing when a visitor arrives.

Audio exhibits are operated by a new solid state media player, the Guilderfluke SD10. Sound files in MP3 format are simply recorded on a SD card and plugged in to the SD10 to play. Given its tiny size, the SD10 can be placed right with self powered speakers to save running audio cable.

Osprey RangeAll-in-One Touchscreen PC's Prove Popular
We have found our new range of Osprey MPC All-in-One touchscreen PC's very popular with our museum and tradeshow customers. Great ability to add an interactive programme produced easily with authoring tools such as Adobe Flash. The MPC series is designed to play high quality DVD type video from a touch menu.

The MPC is installed by simply hanging on a wall. No problems where to house a PC in a public place. The MPC comes in 12" , 15" 17" and 19" sizes. We usually supply it with a WinXP Pro license, but it can operate with Linux.

Kiosk Stand
Due to the popularity of the MPC, we have developed our own kiosk stand for housing the MPC or other All-in-One touch PC such as the Howie. Our Public Touch 110 kiosk stand is a very solid steel and wood structure which is designed for stability. Typically Touch PC's are very heavy and a stand in a public place needs to be safe and solid. The Public Touch 110 also collapses for easy travel in a small hatchback for use at tradeshows.

Digital Signage System NDSP-500
We are now supplying the NDSP-500 network digital signage system from IEI. This system is a technology and market place leader for several reasons.

  • It is a dedicated system with it's own box, no PC needed.
  • A great range of output resolutions, from TV to HDTV to 1920*1200 in PC resolution
  • The system is supplied with authoring and playback software.
  • Easy to design new screen layout templates
  • Solid state runs from compact flash (can use 2.5" disk drive)
  • Easy to connect to network with TCP/IP
  • Small size to mount behind LCD with wall mount
  • Future software updates based on customer requests
  • Low price

As a result of the release of the NDSP-500, we have decided to stop futher development of our own digital signage system PowerPac Digital.

New type of 32" LCD touchscreen for Otago Museum
We supplied a GTT Open Frame 32" LCD with Elo Intellitouch for the new butterfly enclosure at Otago Museum. The advantage of the GTT touchscreen is that it is in an open frame set up which means if is ready to mount into a   wall or similar enclosure and get a flush finish.

New VESA Mounted Tiny PC, The Iceman VM7700
A new type of tiny PC has been launched on the market by Visson from Taiwan. Smaller than a sheet of A4 paper and less than 1" thick, the Iceman VM7700 is designed for digital signage by attaching to the rear of any LCD panel.

Finally there is a system on the market that allows high resolution VGA or better images from a tiny VESA mounted system. And beter still, the hard drive can be repaced with Flash ROM which has dropped in price a great deal recently. For the first time you can have a solid state hi-res media player attached to your LCD. Operates with Windows or Linux. Powers touch screens and touch monitors.

Vm7700 picBuilt in wireless comms for updateing your content in places where it is not economic to install network cable.

Key Features

  • MPEG-2 / 4, WMV9 decoding acceleration
  • VIA Gigabit Ethernet, optional Wireless LAN 802.11bg
  • DVI-D, VGA and S-Video (Dual View supported)
  • 1 x COM, 4 x USB 2.0
  • VIA Vinyl 6 Channel Audio
  • VESA Mounted
  • Completely Fanless

Osprey MPC
The Osprey MPC All-in-One touchscreen PC has been launched by Digit Professional. It is an advanced metal Panel PC. Its ultra slim and exquisite metal enclosure catches most eye contacts. This series includes four different display sizes, 12", 15", 17" and 19" equipped with high brightness TFT panel and touch screen. This series is an excellent choice for digital signage, information kiosk, video system and industrial automation.

Key Features

  • Ultra Slim, 54~61 mm thickness
  • Rugged metal housing and NEMA 3 / IP 55 dust & water proof display front
  • 2X 3W speakers (only 1 on 12.1" model)
  • Resistive touchscreen


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