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what's new 2006

Vaka Moana
We supplied 12 Video Chameleon interactive media players for the Vaka Moana exhibition. Vaka Moana was the first exhibition in the newly opened dome extension of Auckland War Memorial Museum. The Chameleon was chosen as   Vaka Moana will be traveling the world for the next 5 years and a solid state reliable interactive media system was required. Exhibits are operated by touchscreens or buttons. We also digitised most the content for the programmes and supplied the Elo touchscreens. We worked closely with Custom Install Solutions on the Vaka Moana project.

Omaka interactive exhibitInteractive Equipment & Programme for New Aviation Museum Omaka
We recently supplied Elo touchscreens and tiny PC systems for the new vintage Omaka aviation museum near Blenheim. We also took video footage from Peter Jackson's Park Rd Post and designed and produced with Adobe Director a touchscreen multimedia exhibit programme. The show tells stories of World War One flying machines. The film footage was very old and jerky, but we managed to achieve a good result when we digitised it.

Hyundai Scren picNational Maritime Museum

In November and December 2006 we replaced nearly all the exhibit audio-visual displays at the National Maritime Museum with new Hyundai E series LCD displays. We supplied and installed 13 LCD displays from 23" to 40". We also supplied a range of wall and corner mounts. James Kirkham from SoundQ led the installation team on a four day operation. The new Hyundai E series was chosen for its high quality at a very reasonable price. Speakers are detachable so it allows for touchscreen overlays to be added easily on the 32" model.

National Digital Summit Exhibition
We exhibited on Nov 20 and Dec 1 at the National Digital Summit trade show at Te Papa in Wellington. Our stand had a wide range of interactive multimedia equipment and also one of the amazing new Holo screens from Holodisplays.

We showed many visitors online sites demonstrating XLphoto and XLimage. The most popular was the Uffizi Gallery Florence, Virtual Tour. It shows the power of XLimage and the amazing zooming capabilities on hi resolution images of classical Italian artwork.

Centrica XLphoto
Centrica, the developer of the leading image software XLphoto, has supplied the XLphoto   system to Paginegialle, Italian Yellow Pages. The system allows viewers using this 3 rd generation state of the art mapping system to zoom in very quickly to any place in Italy, with very high resolution images for several main cities. The system allows images to be   graphic maps, photo images or a hybrid combination of the two. See Paginegialle here.

The speed of loading and rendering the maps is very fast. Visitors can click icons to see local services, such as hotels and transport services. Paginegialle is overwhelmed with the customer support for the system with over 4 million maps being viewed per day. Since the release of the XLphoto mapping system the Paginegialle shares were one of the best performers on the Italian stock market in 2006.

The Paginegialle example shows that the Centrica imaging software does not only have a market with museums and galleries, indeed anyone with high quality images to be published on the web can use XLphoto to offer better customer experiences. See more at www.xlphoto.it and at Centrica software.

DNP Screens

The Complete Package has become a reseller for the leading projection display system solution provider, DNP from Denmark. Screens of the art. DNP are one of the leading manufacturers of high end front and rear projection displays and holo screens.

With the new DNP supernova screen you can now use front projection without reducing room light levels. The revolutionary Supernova optical screen delivers up to 10 times higher contrast and two times brighter images than front projection screens. Screen sizes are from 45" to 120" . The screen is compatible with all standard projectors. For less investment than a LCD TV, you can have a better quality image with a Supernova screen and low powered projector.

DNP supply dynamic Point of Sale displays for any retail, airport or museum environment. The range covers from "flying" holographic sales displays in shop windows to built-in information displays in airports and museums.

Museums Aotearoa Trade Show

We were an exhibitor at the Museums Aotearoa Conference and Exhibition in Napier in April 06. Museums Aotearoa is the organisation for museums in New Zealand. We showed off a range of audio visual and interactive interpretive products and services. This included a number of products we do not have on this web site such as Stop & Listen, audio exhibit products.

There was quite an interest in our touchscreen systems. A number of delegates were very impressed with our unique touchscreen video controls which allow a video exhibit to have play, pause and jump forward/back controls with one touch of a finger. Other delegates liked the concept of us supplying a complete service for digital media exhibits; concept, design, content production, systems, hardware, installation and maintenance.


We took the opportunity at Museums Aotearoa to launch a new product from Centrica in Italy. XLphoto is a system for the management and sale over the web of image archives. XLphoto is a unique web based solution to search, resize and download hi-res image archives. Allows the use of custom licensing & pricing. Winner European 1st Prize March 2006.

For anyone with a image archive for sale, we now offer the most advanced system available to enable customers to quickly find and buy your pictures, in either hi or low-res. XL Photo can come with a web sever if needed and can be purchased from us outright or hired.

Elo 1515 Desktop Touchscreen

Elo have released a new model touchscreen, the 1515L touch monitor. This leading display for public places comes at a significantly lower price than previous Elo models. The display is factory-sealed against dirt and dust, and the unit offers a choice of the two best touch technologies on the market today: the anti-glare clarity and superior performance of Elo's IntelliTouch surface-wave, and the company's time-tested AccuTouch five-wire resistive touch technology

Sisomo, The Future On Screen

The Auckland book launch of “Sisomo, The Future On Screen”, by Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ideas Company, was held on 1 March 2006 . Kevin made a great presentation including much material from his book, which has the bi-line, “Creating emotional connections in the market with sight, sound and motion on the screen. Sisomo.” An accomplished showman, Kevin had the audience amazed as he explained and showed why Sisomo, is so important and story-tellers are the new heroes.

Kevin is passionate that Sisomo is a fantastic way to make emotional connections with people. He noted people have always loved watching screens and this was seen from the early days of TV as the way of the future. He said, “We are now living in that future. The Screen Age. Screens for informing, entertaining, communicating, connecting, transacting, controlling. Screens for every need and purpose. And as these screens spread everywhere in our lives, it is becoming clear that using them with skill and creativity is the solution to the key communication and marketing challenges of our tim e… In-store screens will be more movie like and the value of products will depend on the story they tell.

Sisomo is recommended highly for all those interested in the future of marketing and digital media. See more at www.sisomo.com

Digital Signage Systems with SKYTV Content
SKYTV content is now offered with our digital signage service. Services can be set up where you schedule SKYTV content followed by your own. Live content is of great importance to attract interest from customers and others.
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Digital Signage Systems from SKYTV
We now have a relationship with SKYTV whereby digital signage systems can be now supplied on a monthly payment basis from SKYTV. This includes scheduling your content, SKYTV content, the system and server, the media player and maintenance. All you need to supply is the display and a broadband link.
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