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Self-Service Receptionist Kiosk Launched

We have supplied a new product, a Self-Service Receptionist Kiosk to client Jacques Martin in Wellington. This system consists of an All in One touchscreen PC with speakers and microphone. With the interface we designed, visitors to the Jacques Martin reception area can call the person they wish to visit by touching the screen and speaking to the PC like it was a hands free telephone.

We used a stylish Howie PC with a PCI expansion card case for the All in One unit. The interface allow visitors to call staff members at their desk or on their mobile. See the story in the Wellington newspaper, The Dominion Post for more information.

Now we are offering new customers this proven self-service reception kiosk system.


PowerPac Digital Now Supports Broadcast and Cable TV

Recent development with our Digital signage content management system include the support for live TV in a PowerPac programme. Now you switch from your own content to live TV and back. There are a range of other features such as including live TV in a picture in picture programme or have scrolling text or Flash animation on the bottom of a live TV picture.

We have been working closely with SkyTV New Zealand, who are now a reseller of the PowerPac Digital system.

Stingray Bay Interactive Media Exhibits Feature in Leading UK Design Journal

The Two Rays interactive exhibits for the Stingray Bay area of Kelly Tarlton's were featured in a report from the leading global journal "Retail Innovation Report" March 05 by GDR Creative Intelligence UK. The Complete Package was the first New Zealand company to be reported on in this prestigious journal which is read by the leading brand decision makers in the world. To see a copy of the report (copyright 2005 GDR UK):

GDR Report (PDF: 832kb)

Stingray Bay Interactive Media Exhibits Features World’s Largest Touchscreens


Media Release 25 January 2005

The installation of two, world-leading, interactive exhibits for the new Stingray Bay area of Kelly Tarlton's has been successfully completed by The Complete Package Ltd, an Auckland-based new media development company.

The Stingray Bay Touchscreens are ten 12” touchscreen monitors that visitors to Kelly Tarlton’s will use to find details of the rays and fish of Stingray Bay . Being interactive and touch controlled, the system makes finding out about such things as a ray’s habitat, characteristics and defense extremely easy.

This is the first time in New Zealand that such information about our marine life has been made available in a touchscreen format. For visitors wanting to get information about the New Zealand rays and selected fish found in the Stingray Bay exhibit, Kelly Tarlton’s now has the best interactive media exhibits in the country.

The Interactive Rays Touchscreens exhibit features two giant, back-lit panels with static images of the topside and underside of a short tailed stingray. By touching parts of a ray on a panel, details are displayed on an LCD display built into the exhibit. For example, if a visitor wants to know details of the ray’s barb, they simply touch that area on the giant illustration and then watch the details on the 32” LCD display.

Touch & Learn

Kevin Wright, director of The Complete Package, said. “At 2.0 metres by 1.4 metres, the two touchscreens are, based on my knowledge, the largest in the world. Although they are not conventional touchscreens with images changing on the screen, they control the images on the attached LCD displays. Designed and built in Auckland , the scale of the Stingray Bay exhibit is a technology breakthrough for touch-controlled media. They are an exciting new way of story telling. It is great that we can lead the world in innovative new ways to communicate and teach people, especially children, with interactive digital media and large imagery.”

Kevin Wright is appreciative of the opportunity Kelly Tarlton's staff and consultant Craig Thorburn gave to his company to produce this high tech exhibit. The help from Kelly Tarlton’s Exhibits Manager, James Thomas was invaluable.

Local touch technology developer, Next Window supplied all New Zealand made componentry to touch enable the screens. Also assisting on the project was enclosure manufacturer, Rodier Menu and Display Systems. Our illustrator Stephen Ellis did a fantastic job and graphic design by Ryan Herbert is outstanding.”

For a story in the New Zealand Herald about the Two Rays exhibit, click here


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