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Young Adults Increasingly Favor Touch Screen Technology, According to New Elo TouchSystems In Touch Survey

Nearly 90 Percent of Young Americans Ages 18-34 Believe Touch Screens Will Become the Standard Service Industry Medium in the Next Few Years read more




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PowerPac Digital V2.1

We have released a new version of our audio visual content management system, PowerPac Digital 2.1. We have some great improvements in the ease of use in operating this leading edge digital signage and touchscreen management system.

Turn Your Website into a Touchscreen Kiosk

We have developed a new product PowerTouch, a small software application that allows webmasters to operate their website on a touchscreen kiosk. The best interface is for the touchscreen to operate full screen with nothing except content from the developer on the screen. Our product PowerTouch does this. It is a simple application added to a touchscreen kiosk. Typically the problem with touchscreens in public places is that the public do not need to have access to browser toolbars and scrollers.

PowerPac Digital V2

This is an advanced simple-to-operate Internet based digital sign content creation and delivery system. Totally managed content, delivered locally or remotely from a central management site. Programmes can easily be produced for use in stores, hotels and other public places. It all operates from low cost PC's and you can change the programme whenever you want. PowerPac Digital players output to any PC/TV monitor, LCD TV flat panel display, projector or plasma screen.


It is easy to have text information and video entertainment on screen at the same time. A number of advertising/information messages can be displayed simultaneously. The ability to have running banners, text and video content, all on screen and all at the same time, maximises your screen real estate.

PowerPac Digital is break through in low cost systems to operate digital signage. Based on standard compnents like Win XP Pro and asp it is easy to use.

All in One Digital Displays

Kakapo LCD/PC Touchscreen System

The Kakapo LCD/PC Touchscreen System is a new product designed by The Complete Package to allow interactive graphic and video programmes to be accessed on a very compact system. No kiosk enclosure required, a tiny PC is attached to the rear of a flat panel display with our own lightweight PC enclosure. Attach our Kakapo system to a universal Vesa wall or desk mount and you have a great self-serve low cost communication solution.

The Kakapo can be fitted to many flat panel LCD touch monitors, 15" and over. The larger the display the less you see of the rear enclosure. No more messy cables, all you need is a power cable in. Speakers are optional.

Both The Tui and The Kakapo systems allow your programme to be updated on a regular basis, simply by adding a WiFi card to the tiny/thin client PC and a base station to your network. The TA4 runs on Windows XP or Linux operating systems. It allows a range of processor speeds from 1.8 Ghz and can include a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

Digi Viewer

The Digi Viewer is a low cost, high quality, easy to use TV set top box system to deliver audio, images and video. It is a tiny device 120*80*20 mm that fits in the palm of your hand and is easily attached to a LCD TV for digital signage. The Digi Viewer plays slide shows with background MP3 music and is operated from 7 different types of storage cards (incl. Compact Flash, Memory Stick and SD/MMC). The DiGi VIEWER is definitely a amazing solution for advertising and business presentation needs.

Incredibly easy to author programs, use virtually any image editor you have on any type of PC or Mac to make up auto play slide shows. Ideal as a very low cost digital ad system, you simply attach the DiGi VIEWER to the rear of any LCD TV or plasma display.

With CF cards now available up to 4 GB, we can record around 3 hours of broadcast quality MPEG-2 video on one card! Enough material to keep shoppers happy in store for hours without any repeats.



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