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what's new 2003

New Hotel Lobby Signage System

In December 2003 The Complete Package released PowerPac Digital, a new plasma screen based hotel lobby signage system. For a limited time we have a special offer on this system including 42" Hyundai Plasma display, Operating PC with Win XP Pro, all Installation, design template for screen layouts, display program and staff training to sequence, schedule and display content, for $9,450 + GST. Conditions apply.


New Tiny PC

Full featured ideal for kiosks, powering touch screens and video servers. Features laptop components in a tiny PC case. Use a processor from 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz. Our price is incredibly low. Add in Win XP or XP Pro for a small fee or operate with Linux.


12.1" Touchscreen from Elo

This brand new touchscreen is a nice looking display and ideal for use in supermarkets and bars when a magnetic stripe reader is needed for card operations. Also the unit is suitable for museum and trade show exhibits when you have a small space for your touch AV display.


The Osprey All In One Solid State Video System

The ultimate Point of Purchase interactive display was launched in Auckland on 21 July 2003 at the Maritime Museum, Auckland. Advertise at the point of purchase. Get maximum attention for your product. The 6.8" Osprey ATM is the world's smallest (interactive) kiosk/P.O.S. system. Hi-bright 6.8" LCD, Eight ATM type user navigation buttons and Video Chameleon MPEG video player with no moving parts. It comes standard with an audio amplifier, speaker and motion sensor.

See a story in New Zealand's second largest newspaper "The Dominion" about our launch of the Osprey & Video Chameleon here.


The Video Chameleon Interactive Video Player

From Digit in Holland is a new type of interactive video player, one that works on Compact Flash cards for data storage, and has no moving parts. The Chameleon plays MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 video. The length of the video played depends on the size of the Compact Flash card and with a 1 GB card, a movie can be stored at MPEG1 quality.


PowerPac MV - an in-house music video channel with your choice of music and your advertisements

PowerPac MV puts you in control of your very own music channel. Showing the latest music videos from SkyMusic, your channel plays on a plasma, projection or other TV system in bars, reception areas or at retail point of sale. PowerPac MV software enables you to control the tracks being played and insert your own commercials into the programme. You’re in total control of what goes on-screen and when.
Music videos are supplied to you on Video CD or hard disk and you retain them in your library while you continue to subscribe to the SkyMusic service. Music is available in five genres, with new tracks being released every month.


Plasma Engine Box

We are now supplying the Wincomm Plasma Engine Box. This is a very slim PC optimised to give the best quality picture into a plasma screen. If you want to get a high quality video signal such as DVI or S video direct to your plasma screen, flat panel display, projector or any other display, then use a Wincomm Engine Box. No loss of signal, the box is so small it can be mounted on the rear of a plasma screen. The sort of content the Engine Box is designed to deliver is ideal for advertising, entertainment, museum exhibits, airports, in-store TV systems and training.


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