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Professional DVD Products

The Complete Package Limited has become a Pro DVD with Philips and can now supply the Philips Range of Professional DVD products. This includes the Pro DVD 170, a DVD player designed for commercial use. The Pro DVD player offers 100% plug and play operation, with no "system crashes" to deal with - it offers more reliable and substantially lower operation costs of an equilalent PC-system. It has 45,000 hr MTBF for reliability in demanding applications

Unlike domestic DVD players, the Pro DVD 170 is offered with a warranty for business use. It has been designed for applications like museums where it is used all day every day.

Pro DVD 170 Player The DVD 170 also has a serial port which can be used to control a variety of devices such as touchscreens, buttons, touchpads, proximity detectors, Magcard readers and bar code readers.

Philips Pro 15" and 17" touchscreens are now available. HTey connect direct to the DVD-170 player and will operate with an standard DVD programme. The 17" touchscreen is CRT and the 15" model is TFT LCD.


MPEG Encoding Service

We now offer MPEG-2 encoding services. MPEG-2 is the format video is digitised when prepared for DVD Production or when being used in streaming media at broadcast quality. We offer digitising at a variety of bit rates, the higher the bit rate the greater the space needed to store MPEG-2 files. We have supplied MPEG-2 encoding services to Sky Televison for a number of projects.


Sharp Flat Panel Range

Sharp 15 inch LCDWe now supply the Sharp flat panel LCD TV range For example we supply the Sharp AV Flat screen display 15" LC-150M2 with high definition imaging, low energy consumption.



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