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Digit Professional ProDVX LIGHTBOX

Still images and moving video, the perfect combination

2 Tranny Wire Lightboxes: 1 LCD

ProDVX LightBox the Instore media system. LCD display with built in media player via a compact flash card. Also 2 backlit light boxes. Place your own individual advertising message, printed out on your printer onto transparency.


Advertising, Communications and Information System
With dialogue and information at center stage, your message will always be crystal clear. This principle lies at the heart of our ProDVX LightBox system. Light up what you're communicating with a low voltage display.

A Bright Concept
The LightBox Viewer consists of a screen suspended in a wire hanging system or a low-voltage track and is designed like a 19” flat screen monitor. We've integrated slim LCD backlights into the frame that lights up the screen. Simply, insert your advertising transparencies and get them noticed.

Moving Pictures
Our LightBox LCD display with integrated Solid State Video player transforms your advertising into film or a slide show with audio backup. Data is fed into the LightBox LCD display via a compact flash card. The LightBox LCD display is available in four different screen sizes (10.4” 17”).

An Economical Eye-catcher
The ProDVX LightBox system is based on a low-voltage system. The12-volt current is fed into the unit via the wire system or the track. Which means you'll have a bright, pleasant presentation and save electricity.

Endless Possibilities

Three LightBox Viewers in the wire hanging system, four in the track, LightBox Viewers and LightBox LCD displays fitted in one frame, LightBox Viewers on the wall and on the ceiling ... one system and endless possibilities. Our flexible fixture methods guarantee that you can arrange your information perfectly in tune with the layout of your building. The ProDVX LightBox system is designed to play content landscape or portrait.

ProDVX Monitor

Flexibility is the keyword. You can fit the system anywhere and film or transpar-encies are simple and easy to insert. Over-lay and Translay transparencies are a tried and trusted team. But other types of transparent advertising media are also possible.


Sound, Film and Pictures Fitted in One Step

Make Your Own Advertising Inexpensively, Quickly and Flexibly
A hard and fast rule in advertising is: keep it simple. Where there's a lot to say, the ProDVX LightBox system is the solution. It organizes a variety of different information easily and clearly.

High-quality Company Presentations with Instore Media Systems
What's the first thing new customers, tenants or business partners do when they come into your office building? They form an impression of your company and the atmosphere created. A presentation of your company, your products and services with the ProDVX LightBox system says more than any glossy brochure could. Your logo, an advert or selected products from your company are provided with the perfect backdrop. A single frame is suitable for all types of company presentations: for corporations and advertising agencies, building management services, banks or insurances.

Lightbox instore


Make Your Own Advertising Inexpensively, Quickly and Flexibly - Ideal for Large Areas and Quantities:
Advertising media is expensive. Or that's what you thought. Perhaps you're not familiar with our transparencies? Use them to display your product range or provide information in the blink of an eye: design them yourself with your own printer. Graphics, product pictures or illustrations: all the appropriate motives on the Over-lay provide an eye-catching setting for the actual statement on the Trans-lay. This is where you place your own individual advertising message, printed out on your printer onto transparency. Now just remove the magnetic cover, place the two media over one another, insert, and it's ready

Ideal for Large Areas and Quantities: The ProDVX LightBox System  
Imagine you'd like to feature an entire product group, what kind of presentation would you prefer? Hand-written signs, poorly lit price panels or LightBox Viewers lit up to persuade the customer to linger a little longer? LightBox Viewers with Over-lay and Trans-lay transparencies on low voltage tracks are the ideal way of fitting a shelving system or counter with the products on offer. No matter how long the section is, you can combine as many LightBox Viewers as you like. In addition to supermarkets, discount retailers and specialist shops, they are also perfect for catering solutions.


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