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Audio for Public Spaces


We supply audio products for use in public spaces from several suppliers:

Gilderfluke & Co Audio Products


Sd-25 Audio Repeater
A wide range of solid state audio plater and amp products. Other products from Gildefluke include animation controls, show controllers and relays. Used extensively in controlling audio and lighting for events and in museums.

The Sd-10 is a complete stereo audio repeater. It can be used in Store-Casting, Music-
On-Hold, Museum, Safety, Industrial or Entertainment applications.

The Sd-10 can be dropped right into an audio system in place of a CD player.

4 button Solar Eco-Post

Tourmate Outdoors Audio Products

Tour-mate supply a range of interpretive audio systems for use by visitors to cultural and heritage sites, botanical gardens, parks, zoos and more.

Standard Eco-Post

The Solar Eco-Post is a solar powered eco-friendly interpretive device that requires no external power. Pressing a message button located on the front face of the post, plays an audio message. The Eco-Post features four solar panels which power the messages.

The standard version of the Solar Eco-Post has a modular peaked roof with solar panels that can be positioned to capture both morning and afternoon sunlight for all day charging.

Solar Eco-Post can be supplied with 2, 4, 6 or 8 buttons. It comes in green but custom colours can be supplied. You can supply your own wooden post instead of ordering a metal one from Tour-mate.

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Solar Sign Kit

Solar Sign Kit - 8 button example on sign

Add audio to conventional outdoors signs

The Solar Sign Kit is a solar powered eco-friendly interpretive kit that can be incorporated into existing outdoor interpretive/wayfinding signage instantly turning static signage into dynamic, and accessible interactive panels. Buttons and speaker are mounted on the front of the sign and electronics on the rear.

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Other Audio Products

We custom make specalised audio producrts for museum exhibits. Our AV suppliers also have add on speakers for many of the AV displays which are sold without speakers. Most large professional displays do not come with speakers built in.


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