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Audio for Public Spaces


We supply audio products for use in public spaces from several suppliers:

Gilderfluke & Co Audio Products


Sd-25 Audio Repeater
A wide range of solid state audio plater and amp products. Other products from Gildefluke include animation controls, show controllers and relays. Used extensively in controlling audio and lighting for events and in museums.

The Sd-10 is a complete stereo audio repeater. It can be used in Store-Casting, Music-
On-Hold, Museum, Safety, Industrial or Entertainment applications.

The Sd-10 can be dropped right into an audio system in place of a CD player.

Messge in a box

Message in a Speaker

Blackbox AV Products

A range of audio products for exhibit interpretation in public spaces. Several of the products are made for outdoors use.

Message in A Speaker

This is a top of the range audio speaker with a built in MP3 player and passive infra red sensor. Only needs a power cable. A low cost solution for audio interpretation, visitors pass by, trigger  and hear the message. Includes:
  • High performance JBL speaker
  • SB Lite Sound Store
  • Passive infra red (PIR) sensor
  • Mounting bracket
  • Programming software

Download the pdf here

The New U-Turn



Solar/Self Powered Sound Store With the U-Turn, visitors choose a message and just turn the handle to play. Usually just a few turns are required to play the whole message; once the message starts to play the visitor can just listen.

Ideal for isolated sites with no mains power: DOC sites, campgrounds, trails.

  • A great "green" product
  • Each track plays for up to 2 minutes
  • Weather proof, heavy duty casing
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Mount outdoors on a post, or in a hollow tree trunk!
  • User friendly operation

Download a U-Turn pdf here

Jansen Professional Audio

We supply a wide range of audio products for public spaces from Jansen. Jansen has been a pivotal part of the New Zealand music industry since 1949.
Jansen have over 11,000 stock items, these include: amplifiers, speakers, complete sound systems, mixers, microphones, lighting systems, rack cases, radio microphones, and speaker stands. All products are supplied brand new with a full New Zealand warranty, the correct voltage and with the correct plugs.

Other Audio Products

We custom make specalised audio producrts for mueseum exhibits. Our AV suppliers also have add on speakers for many of the AV displays which are sold without speakers. Most large professional displays do not come with speakers built in.


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