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ShowTouch App

Touch display system in public spaces application

ShowTouch app is a public touchscreen image based info system. It is an image based info system. A category of images is selected, and then a screen appears with one image and a row of thumbnail images below. Touch a thumbnail image or previous / next button. Each image has an i button for text info. Has a time out to attract loop (screensaver) and return to main screen, for unattended use.

ShowTouch Display Screen

Runs on tablets such as iPad’s through to very large touch displays. Comes with an easy to use web based content management system. Training included. We supply online and offline versions of ShowTouch. We also supply packages of all-in-one touch PC with ShowTouch App installed.

ShowTouch is an exclusive image-browsing app, designed for use on touch displays in public spaces, in locations where people are seeking more details about where they are or what object they are looking at.
• Airports
• Banks
• Event locations
• Government offices
• Museums and galleries
• Reception areas
• Retail stores
• Showrooms
• Tradeshow premises
• Universities

ShowTouch Home

The video below shows how it works.


ShowTouch has an easy to use content managment system

Image List

CMS edit is done on a web browser

ShowTouch App is currently offered only when installed on a PC or tablet by us.


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