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View And Record App

View pdf's on touch displays in showrooms, museums etc and record visitor details

This app attracts attention with images in a slide show or a video playing. From the menu, PDF documents can be browsed. An ideal way to view brochures in a public space. Saves a lot of clutter from paper brochures on stands.

Using View and Record
View pdf in showrooms.

Viewers are given an option to record their details using the virtual keyboard on the touch display. They may wish to have a link to a pdf sent to their email address. Or enter a prize draw on a trade show stand.
A key issue with the View and Record App is that is saves a huge amount of entering data after events into systems. And visitors can get fulfillment instantly with pdf’s available to them right away. Think of the saving on fancy paper brochures at trade shows.

We have had a View and Record app operating in the unmanned Rotoroa Island Visitors Centre for over 2 years. Visitors watch a short video and if they wish to volunteer for helping with restoration of the Island, they simply complete the form on the touch display. No keyboard or mouse for anyone to break!

View ands Record App is currently offered only when installed on a PC by us. We are developing a version for self install.

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