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Google Earth on Large Multi-touch Display App

Google Earth can now be accessed in public spaces on a large LCD monitor using the latest multi-touch and gesture technology. Your organisation can provide visitors with an amazing experience, viewing and touring Earth from a global to a local perspective.

Google Earth on Large Multi-touch

Google Earth Large multitouch

Google Earth on Large Multi-touch App.
Our App runs under web engineering and means that any type of web content can be included in what you see on screen. Help file on click at any time.

Both linear and interactive content supported. Explore GE with multitouch gestures including stretching and pinching. So much faster and easier than using a keyboard and mouse. Linear content in the form of Google Earth kml tours supported. Create a narrative and allow your visitor to see flyby’s images and video.

Google Earth on Large Multi-touch App, is suitable for use unattended in public spaces. Ideal for museums, galleries, trade shows, events, conferences.

"Your Google Earth screen is absolutely amazing! It reminded me one my favourite movie — The Minority Report with Tom Cruise."Professor Sergei Gulyaev,
New Zealand SKA Project Leader,
Director of Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research,
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences,
Auckland University of Technology

Google Earth at Stardome Observatory

NZ Herald story
Google Earth at Stardome, NZ Herald "The Whole World in Your Hands"

A possible world first, Google Earth on a large multitouch in a public space! Visitors to Stardome get even closer to planet Earth, as well as other planets and stars, zooming in and out of Google Earth with drag, stretch and pinch gestures.

Read about it at infonews here.

See a video of Google Earth at Stardome on Youtube.




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