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All In One Digital Signage Product Range

NEC All-in-One 52" Display

In today's busy, competitive public and retail spaces, making eye contact is all-important. All-in-one digital screen displays definitely turn heads and attract attention, delivering information or promotion, while greatly increasing your exposure.

With all-in-one displays, there are no messy wires or cables and no PC or media player required. All you need is power.

We supply a range of “All In One” digital signage systems. They include

They come in a range of housings, some look like regular LCD displays, others are custom made for a purpose such as sitting on a bar.

Our All-in-one systems are used for:
• Touchscreen systems for commercial and kiosk applications
• Linear and interactive multimedia presentations
• Digital signage, looping and scheduled

They are found in
• Museum exhibits
• Education
• Retail stores

For linear systems that simply play stills or video over in a looping sequence, we have several systems that consist of a media player and a LCD display.


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