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There are more and more of these types of All-in-One display/media player units on the market, especially useful where space is a premium in public places but a low cost, reliable system is needed. Great design attracts passing eyes. We supply top quality products. Our Display/Media Player range includes to ProDVX products from Digit in a variety of enclosures or housings.

Digit Professional makes the ProDVX plus monitor or display line of products. If you need a solid state MPEG video player to loop video or stills over, plus an attractive monitor, then these products are for you. They operate from a compact flash card and play hours of video with the newer 4GB sized cards. They can be customized fit your needs, to make them even more attractive and recognizable for your customers. The ProDVX Monitor range comes in 7 ”, 10” 15” 17"and 20” sizes. See more at ProDVX Monitor page.

These smart monitors deliver the right message to your potential customer, at the right moment, using the best possible medium. Solid state means no moving parts. Interactive advertising is the future of in store merchandising and the future is here! The ProDVX Monitors are compact, simple and easy to use. These complete systems get your message to the customer with style, creating along lasting impression.

The ProDVX Lightbox sizes are A3, 17" widescreen and A2, 27" widescreen. Simply hang in your window.

For a range of all-in-one display/media player units from iSignager, see here. Their systems range in size from 15" to 42"

If you need an interactive all-in-one media player so your customers can get the information they seek, consider our All in One touchscreen systems


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