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All In One Units Display/Digital Signage System

We have several options for displays with a network digital signage system built in. In this case content and scheduling are controlled over the network. Basically the systems below are our standalone boxes built into a custom made display

Pro DVX Network Monitor Range

Digit Pro DVX Network Displays

With a stylish design, ProDVX Network monitors are suitable as stand-alone all-in-one displays, or built into walls or enclosures. In both cases the housing features it's inconspicuousness. No PC or display is needed, just a power socket.

Sizes 11”, 17,1”, 20,1”, 26”, 32”, 42”.


ProDVX Solution

PC/Monitor Solution

Cheaper than PC Solution
Better graphics performance
Operating System Linux in Flash
Auto reboot and restart after power shut off
Very small form factor
No moving parts like fan
No expensive Intel or AMD CPU’s
Very low power consumption
Includes 3,5 G functionality
More expensive
Expensive high end graphics card needed
Expensive Microsoft license needed
After server power shut offs, manual maintenance necessary
Bigger size form factor
Fans needed
Expensive CPU needed
Much higher power consumption
3,5 G functionality not included

See a detailed pdf information sheet here. (1.4MB)

iSignager LCD Series: The All-in-One Hi-res Network Display Option.

ISignager LCD Series

Based on the iSignager 500A system, a network controlled content and scheduling system
• Same hardware as the standalone box, but built into a LCD chassis
• Operates from a Compact Flash card – no moving parts
• High stability and low power consumption
• Fan-less design with low noise
• Supports Full HD (1080i/p) contents up to 1920 x 1200
• Network management and remote update contents via LAN or Wireless LAN
• Free bundled software: iSignager AdExpress and iSignager AdDesign
• Screen sizes 10”, 12", 15", 17", 19", 26", 42".


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