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All-in-one Touchscreen PC Systems

There are many uses for our all-in-one touch systems: Industrial, data centres, factories, government, education, museums and tourism, to name a few.

In public spaces today, people expect information. And better still, they like interactive information, They want product info, they need travel and entertainment info. The best way to give it to them is on a large touchscreen or multi-touch display.

With All-in-one touch systems, you simply mount your display and do not worry about cables or messy wiring.

If you have the space, we have the product!

All-in-One Touchscreen Products Include:

Touchsmart PC

• Hewlett Packard TouchSmart – a touch of genius. The latest in intuitive, multitouch display technology in a widescreen style, 19" and 23". Great for stretching and pinching images. See more on the Touchsmart on the HP page here.

We supply custom-made panels for the HP touchsmart to ensure they cannot be tampered with when used unattended in public spaces. An ideal, low cost system for museums and tourist sites.

MSI 24". Very high quality low cost All-in-One touchscreen PC systems. See info on the MSI 24" Wind Top AE2400 All-in-one Touchscreen PC here

Elo Touch Computers 15" to 22".Several commercial All-in-One touchscreen computers ideal for public spaces.

• IEI. A large range of industrial panel appliances from 10” to 42” LCD with PC built in. With or without resistive touchscreens. Can have hi bright displays for use in sunlight.

NEC 65" LCD All-in-One Touch System

• NEC large format LCD From 40” up to an amazing 82” display, with a touchscreen! Includes a a fully functional embedded PC integrated into the system.

• And several others. We supply a number of other brands including Samsung, and Sharp, complete with all-in-one touch systems.

Think of the possibilities!
Museum exhibits • Tourist sites • Real Estate Offices • Banks • Fast Food restaurants • Shopping Malls • Hotel lobbies • Education facilities • Office/building reception • Events


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